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How to paint a dining room set | Refaire une salle à manger avec Colorantic

Paint a dining room set with Colorantic Paint!

How did I paint my dining room set with Colorantic products? It’s simple, read the details below to find out more!

Artist Lisa-Marie Tanguay from the Instant de Bonheur workshop located in Victoriaville Quebec, tells you how she went about painting this beautiful dining room set with our Colorantic products and paints. The furniture, glossy and in beautiful wood, was worth giving a facelift while retaining the wood surface. To make this project, Lisa-Marie used one of the most popular chalk based paint colours here at Colorantic: Cotton ball

Products used:

Preparation steps:

1st Step – Preparation:

To paint a dining room set lustrous and with a yellowing varnish, you have to understand that it is definitely an oil varnish. To test for oil or water, take nail polish remover and if the colour remains on your cotton/linen, it is varnish / water-based paint = no problem, a TSP and light sanding can do preparatory work. On the other hand, if your cotton/linen has no reaction and it remains intact = furniture with varnish or oil paint, then go to step 2.

Step 2 – Glossy surface = oil base:

If you see a chandelier, a lot of times it is a varnish or an oil paint. It is, therefore, necessary to sand lightly to remove the lustre. Then spray with a TSP then rinse and apply a primer as a preparatory step to reduce the number of layers of chalk based paint and allow your transformation to last a very long time!


Painting steps

Step 3 – Paint 2 to 3 coats:

Pale colours are harder to work with. Especially the whites. If you have furniture with dark wood and want a light colour, you may need 4 to 5 coats. On the other hand, going from a light to dark furniture colour will reduce the number of coats to about 3. For light on light or dark on dark, count between 2 to 3 coats maximum. To save costs and steps (1 to 2 fewer coats/steps), remember to apply an undercoat with an oil primer. You will save time and money!

Step 4 – Let it Dry:

Between each coat of paint, you should wait 1 to 3 hours (depending on the humidity of your environment). Before applying the wax, wait 24 hours to allow the paint to adhere well and stick well to your furniture.


Final steps

Step 5:  Natural wax:

Once the layers of chalk based paint have dried, apply the natural beeswax (here an 8 oz was needed for all of this furniture) with a round wax brush from Colorantic. It is advisable to apply wax with a round wax brush (16mm silk bristles, # 5, # 7 or # 11 boar bristles, or the XL round brush, all of Colorantic) since with a cloth, the wax will soak at the beginning of the fabric but there will be none left at the end since the linen will drink up the wax, unlike wax brushes which will make the application of waxes on furniture or fabrics more uniform.

Step 6:

Lightly wipe the natural wax with a slightly damp cloth to allow the Colorantic natural wax to penetrate the furniture and obtain a light application. Do not use too much natural wax because your furniture will be greasy for longer. You can go to step 7 the same day.

Step 7 – Apply black wax:

Lightly apply Colorantic Charcoal Black Wax to corners and other areas of the furniture to give a natural look. Do not use too much dark wax.   Rub it into a corner in a circular motion with a damp cloth. Leave to dry for 1 to 7 days.


Happy Painting!

Artist: Lisa-Marie Tanguay  from Instant de Bonheur à Victoriaville, QC / (581)-595-9523 or email at Make an appointment or visit the facebook page.

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