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We invite you to head to your nearest local Colorantic™ chalk paint retailer. We are very supportive of our retailers with physical stores, as each retailer has been trained to answer your questions. We are actively seeking new retailers in all regions of Canada, and would be delighted to receive your suggestions.

We’re proud to support local merchants, and we invite you to support your community’s local economy!

If you can’t find our products at a local retailer, or if you don’t have one in your area, you can buy on our site for an additional shipping fee, and our team will ship your products directly to your home with Purolator. We also have online shopping platforms such asETSY .


We encourage local retailers, so the price is often a few dollars less and no delivery charges with them. However, since the pandemic, we suggest you call them, as some of them don’t order all our formats, colors and products.

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