Colorantic has curated a list of its seasonal projects videos and other DIY products. These videos will help you carry out your projects according to your local season. Use all of our colours for your various projects, each more beautiful than the last.

In addition, you can listen to our videos to learn about tips and techniques.

Techniques for adding sparkle

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard, our influencer, shares her glittery and metallic creations for a sumptuous holiday season!

Halloween decorations

Rosalie, an influencer for Colorantic transformed beautiful terracotta pots using Colorantic products. Perfect for fall and Halloween decor!

DIY Christmas trees project

Wooden trees for the holidays?
This is what our pretty designer, Andrée-Anne, created.

Promotion for holidays

We invite you to watch this video, It covers all of the details for our promotion that runs from July 18th-August 1st!

Craft project

The talented Rosalie Taillefer-Simard has dreamt up a fabulous video for this holiday season. Hence, she created a beautiful festive ornament.

A holiday sleigh

Upgrading a holiday sleigh by Pattes et Poufs with Colorantic products. (The video is in French)

Facebook live

A decorative project Facebook live workshop. This is for all the creatives who want to have a good time and become familiar with Colorantic chalk painting techniques.

Creative Fabrique

Creative Fabrique is a devison of Colorantic. Furthermore, sunglasses, watches and bow ties made of different types of wood are offered! In this video, we present to you a few of the items that are available.


Breast Cancer – February 2022

In this video, Marianne, owner of Colorantic, tells us about the new initiative. She lists products that will be in the spotlight throughout the month of February. This initiative is to support the cause of breast cancer.

DIY holidays inspirations

Isabelle, Florist-owner at À Fleur de pots, explains how to transform a Christmas wreath.

Holiday gift packages

Our two-holiday packages, are perfect to offer for your little gifts to your favourite artists!

Promotion on our bundles

Our different packages are perfect for starting great projects! Beginners or experts, you will find the box for your needs.

DIY project for Halloween

A beautiful fall project for a centrepiece with small pumpkins painted with our fall/winter colours from Colorantic.

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