trucs pour techniques de bases - tips and tricks for basic knowledge

Basic Knowledges

Into the moon – The winter 2021 contest wave

Candles, Mists & Glitter

Varnish top coat, wax and waxes glazes protectors - protecteurs cires glacis vernis


Image Transfer


Fabric & Leather

Seasonal Projects

Blackboard Paint


Paintbrushes & Soap

Our brushes are round, oval, flat and angled. We also have trays with 4” handles and velvet finish foam rollers. Our short-round brushes are made for use with wax and patina. We also have the same type of brush in beige natural bristle hair.

Our most popular type of brush is synthetic hair and the shape is oval. Our colours are purple. They are our best sellers. Another kind or type of brush is the white synthetic flat brushes. We also have angled brushes for varnish, glaze and for painting kitchen cabinets.
We also offer a red plastic tray with a 4-inch metal handle and two velour-finish foam rollers. Perfect for not leaving marks on the furniture.

All these types of products are available on the Colorantic website and are very useful for your DIY art projects. Our quality is exceptional. We have the best prices on the market! You will fall in love with our different applicators for water-based paint or our oil-based primer.

You must clean them well with our granular soap to keep them beautiful for a long time. Our designers explain how to wash them properly.

Colorantic Paintbrushes

What are the uses of all our brushes?
Our experts explain which brush to choose according to your type of project.

Types of Brushes

Our influencer Bénédicte Girard from the company La Belle Commode explains various kinds of brushes and advises which to take. (this video is in French)

Take Care of Brushes

Marianne, the owner of Colorantic, explains how to take care of our brushes, particularly round wax brushes.

Cleanup Brushes

Our expert explains how to properly clean your brushes after use. We recommend our Colorantic granular soap.

Clean Your Paintbrushes

This video tells us how to clean your paintbrushes or use them. (This video is in French)

Presenting Colorantic Paint Brushes

Our Colorantic Paint Brushes

Colorantic is a 100% Canadian-made business.We manufacture and distribute chalk based paint and other
DIY Products for furniture & craft home decoration.

You can buy your favourite Colorantic products from our online shop at

Or you can visit our ETSY online store to purchase your Colorantic products.