Colorantic proudly presents its videos tutorials for you to learn techniques and tips. These videos tutorials are for everyone whether you are a beginner, moderately advanced or expert on the use of our products.

These tutorials serve as a guide to use our products such as chalk based paint, image transfer, protectors, waxes, glazes and varnishes. We will provide you with handy techniques for painting fabric and leather. We also have videos for the use of our brushes and granular soap.

These videos are basically the different projects made by your favourite influencers and designers. You can filter out the videos on the basis of projects by seasons such as Christmas and holidays, Halloween, summer, spring, etc.

At Colorantic, we want to share some tips on how important it is to prep your furniture first. Important planning helps you avoid bad surprises when you paint furniture. 

trucs pour techniques de bases - tips and tricks for basic knowledge

Basic Knowledges

Into the moon – The winter 2021 contest wave

Candles, Mists & Glitter


Varnish top coat, wax and waxes glazes protectors - protecteurs cires glacis vernis


Image Transfer

Blackboard Paint


Fabric & Leather

Seasonal Projects

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