trucs pour techniques de bases - tips and tricks for basic knowledge

Basic Knowledges

Into the moon – The winter 2021 contest wave

Candles, Mists & Glitter

Varnish top coat, wax and waxes glazes protectors - protecteurs cires glacis vernis


Image Transfer


Fabric & Leather

Seasonal Projects

Blackboard Paint


Protectors – Waxes, Glazes & Varnish

The different Colorantic protectors provide protection and durability for your DIY projects: waxes, glazes, varnishes. When you paint a piece of furniture, it must be well protected to increase longevity which could be compromised due to animals, children and the wear and tear of time and cleaning. Protecting a piece of furniture keeps your furniture beautiful.

Listen to our videos to learn about the techniques and products that will help you complete your DIY project.

Colorantic Glazes

The glazes. What are they used for? Whether it is to give a dye effect, protector or medium for fabric and sequins, the glaze is very versatile! Listen to Marianne, owner, tell you about it!

Colorantic Waxes

In this short video, our designer explains how to use Colorantic waxes and which brushes to prioritize. Watch out for tips and techniques.

Colorantic is a 100% Canadian-made business.We manufacture and distribute chalk based paint and other
DIY Products for furniture & craft home decoration.

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