Our Craft and Furniture Paint made of real Liquid Chalk Paint

Our matte finish chalk based paint contains no organic volatile composite (VOCs), which means that no solvent will be released in the form of harmful gas into the atmosphere.

The added dyes contain a minimal quantity of VOCs. Our chalk based paint is non-toxic, has no lead content, and meets all the requirements of Health Canada standards.

Colorantic™ chalk based paints and other products require little to no preparation depending on the intended surface. We recommend cleaning or preparing the surface if it is an antique or has been exposed to smoke or varnish. Use a our TSP-Eco-friendly Varnish and Wax Remover. Our paints offer beautiful coverage and dry quickly, allowing you to finish a project quickly.

Our paint is packaged in plastic containers with large mouths that will allow you to dip your paint brush directly inside. We offer ready-to-use products, to accomodate the busy lives of both our new and experienced painters. Our containers are reusable and recyclable. Our plastic, screw top lids allow you to say ‘Goodbye metal cans’!


How to Paint with Chalk Paint?

Chalk based paint is truly wonderful when applied carefully. We recommend a light sanding to remove all shine from the furniture’s surface as previous oil-based varnishes could interfere with the paint adhering. Following this ‘roughing up’, we also recommend applying a degreaser like our Colorantic™ furniture cleaner. This small, yet important step and attention to detail in the beginning, is crucial to giving you results we know you we love. Oil-based paint or varnish is never compatible with any water-based paint. However, once you remove the shine in this way, you are ready to paint with Colorantic™!

peinture pour meubles à base de craie

Fabric, Plastic, Pressed Wood (Melamine), Metal or Leather?

If you happen to have these types of surfaces, you can still get the vintage look with our chalk based paint. However, you will need a primer to prepare the surface. We recommend applying an oil-based primer before adding our Colorantic™ chalk based paint.

You will most likely get better results if you follow these steps. However, if you opt to not to use a primer, we recommend applying our Colorantic™ Top Coat after painting. This will increase the life span of your furniture. Better safe than sorry!


Liabilities and Useful Information

Colorantic™ (9373446 Canada Inc) is not responsible in any way for damaged goods, resulting from an incorrect technique or the failure to test on a small surface area first. It is the painter’s responsibility to test Colorantic™ chalk based paint products on a test surface and to wait long enough to observe a possible reaction on the intended surface.

We recommend that pregnant women discuss with their doctor or midwife before using our products. Colorantic™ has not been approved yet to be used by young children.