The basic techniques video series provides the steps from A to Z of a project realization using Colorantic products. All the basic steps for furniture restoration and transformation are given in detail. Watch these videos to learn how to use Colorantic products. Moreover, get tips and tricks from our experts.

Colorantic products

Here is an overview of all our products in a few minutes.

Furniture upholstering

Here are the basic steps to redo a furniture restoration. We described all the steps from beginning to end in detail.

Learn how to paint

Learn how to use Colarantic products. Create, paint, and revamp your furniture to create masterpieces.

Answering your questions

Marianne, the owner, and our staff member answer your questions. Being well informed is the key to your success with our products!

Upgrading a coffee table

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard, our influencer, receives Colorantic products for the first time. She is so excited to use them for projects. Listen to this art lover.

2021 fall/winter products

In this short video, our colleague Tracy shows you the New Colorantic products. Our new Fall/Winter Special Edition.

Winter 2021 colours

Colorantic presents you the 5 Winter 2021 colours. These colours have replaced 5 discontinued colors.

Calculate the amount of paint

How to calculate the right amount of paint to buy. Watch our short explanatory video to use paint calculator

Tutorial video

How to see all our Facebook posts?
This is an English tutorial to answer all your queries.

Transform a piece of furniture

Promotional video of Colorantic by Pratico-Pratique magazine. Furthermore, the video explains the steps. Learn A to Z of a project realization with the products.

Collection passion 2018

Our new Colorantic chalk based paints edition. Passion colour collection, 2018-2019 edition.

Painting walls

You read that right! You can now paint walls with Colorantic paint. Learn to increase the durability and ability to clean the walls.

Colorantic is a 100% Canadian-made business.We manufacture and distribute chalk based paint and other
DIY Products for furniture & craft home decoration.

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