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Basic Knowledges

Into the moon – The winter 2021 contest wave

Candles, Mists & Glitter

Varnish top coat, wax and waxes glazes protectors - protecteurs cires glacis vernis


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Seasonal Projects

Blackboard Paint



Colorantic’s Blackboard Paint has a smooth texture. Hence a more liquidy black paint than our regular chalk-based paint. Thus, chalkboard paint is perfect for painting any surface. You can use it on walls, mirrors, a cabinet and even a refrigerator. Besides, it can make a chalkboard-like surface. It can be on furniture, decor accessories, glass, and plenty of other exteriors.

Watch these videos to follow the steps to paint your DIY projects. Moreover, you can also learn the techniques and tips from our experts. 

Chalkboard Paint Project

Laurie, influencer for La Bordel de mère, is painting out her first real project alone. Nothing less than a refrigerator. Yes…
Yes! She’s repainting an old fridge with our newest Colorantic product.

Chalkboard Paint on Mirror

Our consultant and blogger, Jessy from Atelier 87, does a mirror makeover with chalkboard paint.

Colorantic is a 100% Canadian-made business. We manufacture and distribute chalk based paint and other DIY Products for crafts and home decoration.

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