Projects, Inspirations & Transformations

Whites and pale grays

Let be charmed by our neutral colours

Our blue chalk paints

Which of these blues do you prefer?

Chalkboard paint

The lady paints a wall with our chalkboard paint

Yellow and Orange shades

All the Yellow and Orange shades

Colorantic chalk based paint

Here are some inspiration for you with our Colorantic Chalk-Based-Paint

Not simply a paint

Colorantic is not simply Chalk-Based-Paint

Furniture color Night

Here all the steps to make your project a success

Restore a piece of furniture

How to restore furniture with Colorantic?

Blacks and dark grays

Night, Acai Berry, Tractor Dust and Volcano

Fall-Winter 2021 Colors

Let be inspired with our Fall-Winter 2021 colours

Autumn plum color!

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard and our New Autumn Plum colour

Reds and pinks

Try our Colorantic Red and Pink colours

A small piece of furniture

Painting a small piece of furniture red with our Apple Orchard colour and using our stencils with Rosalie Taillerfer-Simard

The greens of Colorantic!

Dare the Spring with our beautiful greens!

Saltwash effect

Saltwash effect by Jessy from atelier 87

Spring birdhouses

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard use our new Spring-Summer 2022 chalk-based paint colours

Marble effect coffee table

Creating a marbled effect has never been so easy. Simply follow the steps!

Stool as a decorative object?

Follow Rosalie Taillefer-Simard transform a stool that will become a beautiful decorative object

Pastel colors for Easter

Let be inspired by our beautiful pastel colours for Easter!

Restore a plant pot

Jessy from Atelier 87 shows us how it’s easy to restore an old planter with Colorantic products!

New spring colors

Here is the unveiling of our 4 new Spring-Summer 2022 colours, Colorantic chalk based paint. (Spring Breeze, Ranch, Raindance, Boreal Moss)

Colorantic chalk based paint!

Be inspired by our beautiful Colorantic Chalk based Paints!

La belle commode

Here is a short video that summarizes the works of  La belle commode by Bénédicte Gérard with Colorantic Chalk based Paint

Jessy Atelier 87

How to restore a work desk with Jessy from workshop 87

Grapefruit color

Make a colour gradient and apply fabric to a piece of furniture – Pamplemousse colour – La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Work desk

Upgrading a work desk – Apple orchard and natural wax + black wax

Color gradient

How to make a colour gradient on a piece of furniture with chalk base paint – Lisa, Consultant (video in French)

Transformation of an office

Transformation of a desk – Nature colour – La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Antique sideboard

Transformation of an Antique sideboard – Blue Moon colour – La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Antique furniture

Transforming a small antique piece of furniture – Lavender colour – Le Belle Commode Bénédicte

La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Transformation of a small coffee cabinet – Sage colour – La Belle Commode Bénédicte


A bedside table transformation – Atelier 87 Jessie

A chest of drawers

Transformation of a chest of drawers – Atelier 87 Jessie

Lilac wood

Transformation of a coffee cabinet – Bois de Lilas Lisa-Marie

Creme brulee

Transform a piece of furniture with a custom color Crême Brûlée – Rosalie Taillefer-Simard

Barn wood effect

How to create a barn wood effect – Atelier 87 Jessie

Room office

Transformation of a bedroom desk – Atelier 87 Jessie

Mediterranean style furniture

Transformation of a Mediterranean style piece of furniture – Chiccitta Déco

Cedar wood chest

Steps for upgrading a cedar wood chest – Moka colour – R-Usé

Secretary desk

Transformation of a secretary desk – Rosalie Taillefer-Simard

Wooden children’s chair

Transformation of a wooden children’s chair – Atelier 87 Jessie

Style Bohemien-Chic

Bohemian-Chic style faux finish washed seaside – Natacha Créative (Video in French)

Faux barn wood finish

Faux fini Wood Plank with a tray – Natacha Créative (Video in French)

Chipped or aged effect

How to create a chipped or aged effect on furniture with chalk base paint – Natacha Créative (Video in French)

Wooden bow ties

How to paint wooden bow ties

Curio dresser

Transformation of a Curio dresser – Lisa-Marie Pouliot

Entrance desk

Transformation of an entrance desk – Zen colour – La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Furniture and baskets

Wicker furniture and baskets transformation- Atelier 87 Jessie

Transformation of a dresser

Transformation of a dresser – kitchen sideboard with shaded effects – La Belle Commode Bénédicte

Massn jars

Different ideas for painting Masson jars – Rosalie Taillefer-Simard

Emerald green

Mel Did It Herself, an Ottawa Ontario influencer, refreshed this living room side table with Emerald, a vivid green


Boho Projects – EcoTouch

Antique chest

Revalorization of an old Antique chest – Wood, metal, varnish – EcoTouch

A coffee table

Rescuing a living room coffee table – EcoTouch

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