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Our designer shows you the steps to successfully complete your image transfer on a wooden project.

How to use our image transfer gel. Video in FR.

Image transfer is used to duplicate an image from a sheet of onion skin paper to a piece of furniture or wood project. It is a medium that allows the image to be transposed onto a flat surface. We recommend waiting 24 hours after applying the medium to allow the image and ink to transport to the surface. You must use a laser printer to print the image. Several DIY projects can be created with the Colorantic product medium. Simply print on a sheet of onion skin paper purchased at Bureau en Gros (Staples), reversible, then apply the medium to the piece of furniture or the sheet. Then you have to wait 24 to 48 hours. Following this, we will take a wet sponge and apply it to the sheet in order to remove it. Only the ink or drawing will remain on the board or surface. You can add a varnish or glaze to seal the project and make it more durable. Perfect for weddings, events and DIY arts and crafts projects. Have a photo of a child to give to the grandparents? A writing board with your baby’s name to install above the basinette? Or do you want to reproduce the geographical map of a country in your living room? This medium will make for a beautiful handmade project.