Become an authorized retailer of Colorantic™ chalk based paint and products

We offer the opportunity for retailer and furniture painters to join the Colorantic™ family. Each story is unique, and we invite you to share yours with us. We would like to find devoted painters and retailers who will be using our products themselves. By using our chalk based paints and other products, employees and entrepreneurs will be able to share their contagious passion and knowledge about our Colorantic™ chalk based paint products.

Moreover, Colorantic™ is a manufacturing and distribution enterprise. We only sell to brick-and-mortar businesses as well as interior and home staging designers. Other customers will need to purchase our products at their closest Colorantic™ retailer.

We know that paint sitting on shelves does not sell itself. There needs to be a lot of energy, marketing, and participation in organizing workshops and events.

How to become a Colorantic retailer?

To help you achieve your business goals, Lidy will be your support team member and she is dedicated to customers. From Mexico, she speaks three languages : French, English and Spanish. She is a great collaborator and always looking for the best to help her customers. I am sure you will adore her!

I myself started the business in Ontario where the roots of the business are and where I was a OCT teacher for many years. After having an accident at the school board where I was hired which left me with a concussion, and no longer able to teach in the school system, I decided to move to be around my family in Quebec to get help raise my three sons.

We would be pleased to welcome you into the Colorantic™ family!

Your English Marketing Director will be: Lidy

[email protected]

Office Weekdays  819-795-4442 Ext 102


Have a wonderful painting season!



– Owner –


We would like to find passionate entrepreneurs who are willing to share our paint line on social media and taking part of events inside and outside their physical business location. If you dream of working with a loyal & passionate team, you have found one in Colorantic™!


Our primary goal is to be loyal to our retailers. This goal and our values are the cornerstones of our business. This is why we have created a method for you to benefit from chalk based paint buyers in your area. You will enjoy the opportunity of business growth, supporting your community, while we dedicate ourselves to a partnership with you, our retailers.

We know how much you invest in your business. We wish to give power to entrepreneurs and to teach you ways to promote Colorantic™’s products. In other words, our goal is to make you part of the Colorantic™ family !


“After almost 4 years, Colorantic has won over our #paintgeek! Made in Canada this is a solid product and knowledgeable team so I am happy to encourage and sell Colorantic. You know that Lea has had her issues with “chalk-based paints”, so this is huge!
Marianne’s team ethics in business and insistence that preparation is paramount makes this a match made in paint heaven.”


– Benjamin Moore & Colorantic’s Retailer –


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