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Give a Second Life to used furniture with Colorantic Products
Jennyfer Galarneau

Give a Second Life to used furniture with Colorantic Products

TV Furniture Chalk Painting When we move into a new home, our existing used furniture may no longer match our new theme. The same situation was experienced by Youtuber Je

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Jennyfer Galarneau 6 Feb, 2022
Building Garden Bench | La Construction un banc de jardin
revalorisation de meubles avec Karina Mc Sween

How to create a garden bench using recycled wood pallets

Introduction 😉 At the beginning of the summer, my spouse and I wanted to create a small relaxation area where we could install a fireplace. However, I also wanted to

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Karina McSween-La Petite Bricoleuse 31 Aug, 2021
artist within you | artiste
On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

Listen to the artist within you !!!

Find the artist😉 I have a confession to make, I have never felt like an accomplished artist and yet I should! Perhaps this is due to the fact that I believed that to

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Jessy Gendron 18 Aug, 2021
Rejuvenate a dining room set | Rajeunissement d’un ensemble de salle à manger
Annick St-Germain - Créations Na-Nick

Rejuvenate a dining room set with Colorantic products

Introduction After my new house was built, my dining room set looked old-fashioned. I decided to give it a second life with products from a Quebec company, Colorantic. In

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Annick St-Germain ( Création Na-Nick ) 29 Oct, 2020
How to paint a small coffee table with Metallic paint | Comment peindre une table à café?
Logo de Colorantic peinture vintage

How to paint a small coffee table with Metallic paint

Introduction Do you have a small coffee table or small piece of furniture that you want to make unique with a layer or accent of metallic color? Try the Colorantic metall

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Colorantic Experts 15 Oct, 2020
Living room coffee table restoration
Lucie Cormier

How to upgrade a coffee table

Upgrading a coffee table This week, Lucie, blogger at Colorantic, shows us how to upgrade a coffee table. Thus, you will be able to follow, step by step, how to recreate

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Lucie Cormier 12 Oct, 2020
Restoring Sideboard on Natural Wood | remettre un buffet sur le bois naturel
Julie Loiselle

How to Bring Back a Sideboard on Natural Wood

Introduction Julie from La Fleur Rustique was kind enough to describe the stages in the restoration of a wooden buffet. First of all, before we start, here are a few word

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Julie Loiselle 22 Aug, 2020
How to paint wood spools into patio side tables
Anais Favron

How to paint wood spools into patio side tables

Paint old wood spools into side tables for your patio! Back in June, Anaïs Favron received a box containing our Colorantic products. Indeed, we were curious to see what

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Anais Favron 11 Jun, 2020
support fines herbes - colorantic
La fée du bois

Making an Outdoor Hanging Herb Stand

An outdoor hanging herb stand Do you like gardening, but lack space? La Fée du Bois has created the perfect DIY for your potted herbs that hardly takes any space at all.

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La fée du bois 10 Jun, 2020