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A table – We fall for Colorantic

A table! We fall for Colorantic! There are many paint choices available to us when it comes time to paint a table! I had known for several years (even before I started my

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Jessy Gendron 14 Oct, 2021
Restoring Sideboard on Natural Wood | remettre un buffet sur le bois naturel
Julie Loiselle

How to Bring Back a Sideboard on Natural Wood

Introduction Julie from La Fleur Rustique was kind enough to describe the stages in the restoration of a wooden buffet. First of all, before we start, here are a few word

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Julie Loiselle 22 Aug, 2020
The Colorantic glazes
Logo de Colorantic peinture vintage

The Colorantic glazes

What is a glaze? What are they used for? Is it effective? In this article, we will demystify the many uses of this product. Colorantic ™ glazes are available in several

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Colorantic Experts 5 May, 2017