pot à fleur
On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

Decorate a plant pot with Colorantic chalk based paint

How to decorate a plant pot with Colorantic chalk based paint?     One of my neighbours had this flowerpot on her balcony. It was cracked and misshapen. I imagi

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Jessy Gendron 21 Apr, 2022
2021 Colorantic Advent Calendar
Logo de Colorantic peinture vintage

2021 Colorantic Advent Calendar

Introduction The 2021 Colorantic advent calendar, a collaboration with Baloubab.This year for its 5 years Colorantic celebrates in style, and offers you its very first A

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Colorantic Experts 23 Nov, 2021
Desk drawer furniture with stencil finishing
On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

Why not put stencils on a furniture!

 Why not put stencils ! Truth be told, applying stencil paint can totally change the look of an office, flowerpot, walls, etc. In fact, it's a way to give your deco

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Jessy Gendron 18 Nov, 2021
In the moon - The wave of winter 2021 competitions

Into the moon – The winter 2021 contest wave

When we registered for the Winter 2021 edition of the Contest Wave, we were delighted to learn that the theme was going to be '' Into the moon ''.The inspiration was the m

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3d effect moulding on furniture
Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

Giving a second life to a dresser with 3D designs

  Adoucir une commode avec un effet 3D Trouvailles et Préparation 🎨 Lorsqu’on cherche bien et au bon moment, on fait de belles trouvailles et on trouve de su

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Gillian Peddie 21 Oct, 2021
Mediteranean chalk paint
Nancy Hinds

Giving a Mediterranean look to a night stand table

Recreate a night stand table We all have furniture that is outdated or lying around somewhere in the house that we don’t want to get rid of but that doesn’t work an

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Nancy Hinds 7 Oct, 2021
Eve Taillefer

Quick Transformation of Farmhouse Style Frames

Transforming farm house styles frames There are days when I want it to be quick. I'm the kind of person who would like everything done yesterday! So here's a little one-d

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Eve Taillefer 12 Mar, 2021
ancient mirror
Lisa-Marie Pouliot prend la pose devant son mur recyclage

Rejuvenate an old mirror with chalk-based paint

Rejuvenating an old mirror A friend had launched a search among her acquaintances, in order to find an ancient oval old mirror, to decorate a specific place of her magnif

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Lisa-Marie Pouliot 2 Mar, 2021
Painting wooden bird houses with chalk based paint
Rosalie Taillefer Simard

Painting wooden bird houses with chalk based paint

Painting wooden bird houses I am very excited to present you a beautiful Christmas project. Today I decided to paint wooden bird houses. You can get these bird houses in

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Rosalie Taillefer Simard 18 Dec, 2020
Painting porcelain houses | maisons en porcelaine
Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Can you paint porcelain houses with Colorantic? Yes! Here’s how to do it

How to paint porcelain houses Diane Lavoie shares with us a special Christmas project that she carried out a few years ago, but which is still relevant around the holidays

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Diane Lavoie 3 Dec, 2020
renover un escalier | How to upgrade your staircase with chalk based paint
Peggy Bourque Ouellet

How to upgrade your staircase with chalk based paint

Upgrading staircase For 2 months now, I have lived in a new property with my family. Four floors of pre-paneled walls and projects in the making that thrills me a lot. Af

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Peggy Bourque Ouellet 4 Nov, 2020
Breakfast tray | un cabaret en bois avec notre peinture à la craie
Audrey Ann

How to paint a Breakfast Tray

Introduction Earlier in September, Audrey-Ann Blais, Instagrammer and Youtuber, shared with us her upgrade of a breakfast tray using Colorantic products. We can create a

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Audrey-Ann Blais 11 Oct, 2020