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I love decor that doesn’t cost me exorbitant amounts of money, so DIY projects suit me perfectly. As someone who often likes things to be finished yesterday, you will understand that there are those days when I want things to be quick and easy. So here’s a quick little project done in just one day. 

For a long time, I wanted to have farmhouse style wall decorations made from different frames. I had some very beautiful dark brown wooden frames and a mirror. I loved them, but they were definitely too dark for my needs, as I wanted it to be very bright. 

Already having a good idea in mind, I rushed to obtain all the necessary materials to carry out my project. 



  • First, I started by removing the mirror and the canvas from their frames. 
  • I sprayed the Cleaner and Varnish Remover on all surfaces and left it to act for about ten minutes. Once the rest time was over, I rinsed very well twice using a cloth well dampened with hot water, in order to remove all the residue in order to allow the paint to adhere well.
  • I continued by sanding very lightly to scratch the surfaces and always with the aim of allowing the paint to adhere well. I made sure to dust everything very well before continuing. 


Once the preparation steps were completed, I began applying the paint. 

First, using the 35mm brush, I applied a thin layer of Vintage Cream chalk paint which I left to dry well for about 1 hour, although 30 minutes would have been enough. 

Next, I applied the Metallic Jewel colour in the slits with my artist brush, intentionally overflowing a little in a few places. And I wiped off the excess.

To create an antique effect, I randomly applied a small layer of Natural Beeswax all over the surface, because I wanted the paint to be easier to remove during my final sanding! So I applied the second coat of Vintage Cream that I left to dry for an hour. 

I created an antique effect by lightly sanding everywhere and more in the desired places. Thanks to the layer of wax applied previously this was very easy.

I finally applied another coat of Natural Beeswax to adequately protect the entire surface.

I put the mirror back in place for the first frame. For the second frame I decided to add chicken wire so that I could hang photos and other decorations as I wished.


In short, easy, quick and effective. And I love it!

Ève Taillefer



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