I am very excited to present you a beautiful Christmas project. Today I decided to paint woodenbird houses, which can be found in all craft stores, with Colorantic chalk based paint.

For this project we will be using chalk based paint, glitter, glaze and wax.

project before
wooden bird houses

Step 1 – Apply color

Colorantic chalk based paint has primer inside which allows us to apply a single coat of paint.

Step 2 – Apply the glitter

To do this, you have to mix the glitter and the glaze for a proportion of 1: 1. Once mixed, we apply the mixture with a precision brush over the color you applied previously.

The glaze will become transparent when dry, you will only see the color and the glitter!

Step 3 – We wax!

When the glitter is dry you take a small amount of wax with the wax brush. We start with the natural bee wax and continue with the snow white wax and finish with black coal to add a nice, slightly worn effect.

Hope you will have fun with this wood bird house painting project. Have a happy holiday and we’ll meet up for a new project very soon!

You can also see the video I made for this project.

Rosalie Taillefer-Simard


Rosalie Taillefer-Simard
Rosalie Taillefer-Simard

Rosalie Taillefer Simard

I work in the visual arts; painting, dancing, television (actress / host) Websites and social links https://www.instagram.com/rosalietaillefersimard/ http://www.claudinebachand.com/


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