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How to Transform a Door in-to a Picture Frame

In this blog I share with you how to transform a door into a picture frame in a few simple steps. For instance, you can enjoy this stylish and eco-friendly decor as well!.

But first let me tell you a little about how I came up with the idea. When I was very young, I remember visiting houses that had very pretty period glass doors. Of course, I was always amazed by the beauty of these doors and dreamed of finding them in our house.

Times have changed a lot and so have trends. People change their decor according to current trends and often dispose of their very beautiful doors which are still in very good condition. Too often we find them lying around the streets waiting to be discarded. Antique dealers, junk dealers and sellers of used objects, both in bric-a-brac sales and on social networks, are eagerly awaiting the people who will be inspired to turn them into masterpieces.

Transform a door

Always amazed by these old doors, I started researching to find a unique way to give them a second life. It was then that I realized that there is a great alternative to save them, that of transforming them into frames to display beloved photos. I was immediately won over by this option, knowing that a corner of my house was just waiting for my idea to decorate it.

What a beautiful and daring way to decorate a space, allowing us to display our most beautiful memories, so that we can remember these magical moments day after day. And what fun I will have whenever I change the decor, simply by changing the photos.

Transform a door

How to Transform a Door in-to a Picture Frame


First, to complete this project I filled the hole from the old handle using filler. I also cut the base of the door to get the same width on all four sides. Once these steps were done, I was ready to move on to painting my frame.

The steps

Step 1

Before painting, I sanded the wood well on all surfaces to allow the paint to adhere properly. However, if I hadn’t completely sanded the wood, I would have cleaned the door with Colorantic varnish cleaner and remover.

Step 2

It is imperative to choose a primer that suits our project. It should be noted that if the previous finish was oil, it is very important to choose an oil primer. This is because it will make the ideal transition between the oil and the new water-based paint.

In my case, I opted for the Alkyd Water-based Alkyde Primer since my door was stained with a water-based stain.


Step 3

Following these steps, I was ready to apply the paint. For this project, I chose the Cotton Ball colour. I applied two coats using the purple 38mm angled brush which allowed me to easily reach the corners.


Step 4

After the paint was finished, I sanded the corners and embossments to age the door and give it a farmhouse look that suited my current style perfectly.


Step 5

I now had to protect my door. To make it look even older, I applied Colorantic’s natural beeswax. Therefore, the Antique Brown wax was just right for creating that old-fashioned touch I was looking for.

Before applying the Antique Brown wax, I applied natural beeswax all over. Whithout a doubt his made it easier for me to apply the brown wax. The XL round brush is excellent for applying wax to large areas and I used the 16mm brush for the brown wax.


In Conclusion

So this is my first finished project and I’m more than happy! I can now enjoy my new unique decorative element that will be the envy of all my guests. In addition, I can hang it horizontally or vertically and put family portraits, good times spent with friends, trips or simply fabulous photos of breathtaking landscapes. I am going to entertain myself by letting my imagination travel with this giant frame.

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