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How to Transform a Door in to a Picture Frame?

There was a time when glass doors were fashionable, but unfortunately not anymore, we all want to change our decor and follow the new trends. So how can we save all the well made glass paned doors that are available everywhere, in antique shops or even sometimes by the side of the road before they are tragically destroyed. There is a wonderful option to save them. Transform them into a frame to display our favorite photos. What a good idea!

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First step of this project is to fill the hole in the handle with filler and cut the base of the door. The goal is that the width of the wood on the bottom of the door is the same as the width on the sides. We are creating a frame of wood that is equal around the glass panels. For the next step you can begin to paint your future giant frame.

porte cadre Jessy Boule de coton

Step 1

Prepare the surface by sanding the wood well so that the paint will adhere better.


Step 2

Choose the primer of your choice, either oil or water based depending on the kind of finish already used. In my case the door was stain so I applied water-based primer.


Step 3

Apply the Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint. You are now ready to paint with your choice of Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint colours. Personally I applied two coats of the colour Cotton Ball.

porte cadre Jessy Boule de coton



The next steps

Step 4

Sand the corners and the details to age the door and give it a Farmhouse look.

Step 5

Protect your door. Give your paint protection with the our Natural Beeswax which will give it a more antique look. Then the Antique Brown Wax is perfect for creating that perfect look. To get the look I applied a little of the Natural Beeswax everywhere to make applying the Antique Brown Wax easier.


In conclusion

Et voilà, you have done it! You can now take advantage of your unique and beautiful piece that will be the envy of all your friends. You can either hang it vertically or horizontally, add photos of your family or breathtaking outdoor pictures. Enjoy tweaking your magnificent and original giant frame.

porte cadre Jessy Boule de coton

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