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How Can You Restore Furniture with Colorantic?

How can you restore furniture with Colorantic? Are you passionate about recycling? The transformation of furniture and / or decorative items interests you and you would like to learn more about how to do it? You are in the right place! After reading this blog, you will be ready to start your own project.

In recent years, the passion for restoring furniture and various other objects has grown significantly. Whether it is to recycle an old piece of furniture or simply to give character to your chest of drawers, Colorantic offers you a range of products allowing you to carry out your project easily without having to spend a large amount of money

Colorantic is a Canadian company, located in Quebec, more precisely in Victoriaville. We are the only company to use real liquid chalk in our recipe, and it is thanks to this unique ingredient that our paint proudly bears the name of “chalk-based paint”. Our paint has a powdery, matte texture, which gives it a wonderful vintage and romantic touch. 

In addition, our products meet Health Canada standards for VOC rules (volatile organic compounds). Our bases do not contain VOCs and the addition of colourants also meets the Canadian standard of less than 60g / L of VOCs. In addition, all of our containers are reusable… let your imagination run wild, you can use them to create decorative objects.

Colorantic allows you to restore furniture for all members of your family, and this in a very safe way.

In this article, Colorantic gives you tips to succeed in all your projects! You just need to follow the steps below.

How to restore furniture with Colorantic

How to Restore Furniture with Colorantic?

Step 1: Clean the Surface

The first step, and very important step, is to carefully clean all surfaces using Colorantic’s cleaner and varnish remover. This removes all dirt, grease and residue from your furniture. For best results, spray on and leave for 30 minutes. It is very important to rinse well twice with a damp cloth (hot water), in order to remove all residue. Repeat this step if necessary.

Step 2: Sand

We strongly recommend that you lightly sand all surfaces using our two (2) grit “sanding block”, this will allow for better adhesion of the paint. It is important to remove the dust from the surface before starting to apply the paint.

Step 3: Apply Oil or Water-Based Primer

In some cases, we suggest applying a primer. Certain finishes such as glass, very shiny porcelain, plastic, melamine and certain other finishes require the application of an oil primer in order to allow our chalk-based paint to adhere very well.

Accordingly, if the previous finish is oil-based (paint or varnish), you must apply an oil-based primer to make the transition to our chalk-based paint, which is water-based. Another key point is that it may be necessary to apply one of our primers in the following cases: whether for better paint adhesion or simply to allow you to switch from a dark colour to a light colour without using too much paint, even if it has excellent coverage.

The oil primer is best applied to bare wood as this will prevent the grain from lifting when applying our chalk-based paint, which is water-based. This will save you an additional step, that of sanding.

You don’t know which primer to apply? Here is a simple trick that will help you make the right choice. Take a makeup remover pad, soak it in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the surface. If the paint shows on your pad, it is water-based paint and you will need to use our water-based primer. In the event that the previous finish stays shiny and your pad stays clean, it means it is an oil finish and you will need to use our oil-based primer. If it is impossible for you to test the finish, use our oil-based primer. It is our perfect go-to product.

Colorantic products

The Steps to Follow

Step 4: Chalk-Based Paint

Paint your furniture with our Colorantic chalk-based paint. Select the colour of your choice and apply it to all surfaces. Our chalk-based paint is creamy, opaque and easily covers any surface. It will give your furniture and other objects the effect you are looking for. Often one coat is enough. Repeat as needed to achieve the desired effect.

In addition, Colorantic is the only chalk-based paint company to offer you bases in 8 oz, 32 oz (liter) and 128 oz (gallon) sizes, which you can tint with all popular paint manufacturers’ colour codes.

For any questions concerning our varnish, glaze or wax, do not hesitate to contact us, we will explain the particularity of each and how to apply them.


Step 5: Matte Varnish

Our matte varnish offers a long lasting protection, it contains about 5% gloss which gives an almost matte effect. Being white, it will not yellow your pale colours. It is used for furniture that requires regular cleaning. For best protection, we suggest applying 2-3 coats.

If you wish to use another brand of varnish, please note that Colorantic products are only compatible with Quebec or Canadian products.

We also have waxes and glazes that act as protectors on your furniture. Our waxes are exceptionally creamy and enhance your furniture and decorative objects. They can give depth to certain elements and/or accentuate certain architectural details. However, we do not recommend them for furniture that will be used frequently and where liquid spillage may occur. Our waxes can take more than a week to dry, depending on atmospheric factors.

Our glazes, on the other hand, protect in the same way as an ordinary varnish, they contain about 35% gloss, so they have a satin finish.

restore furniture

To Finish

Step 6: Clean Your Brushes

Try our granular hand and brush cleaner…it’s a great choice. Our gentle foaming soap helps clean your brushes easily and can also be used as a hand soap. An important final step that will give softness to the bristles of your brushes, allowing you to keep using them for a long time. Colorantic granulated soap contains pumice stones which, when we rub them, provide an effective and gentle cleaning. You will love Colorantic granulated soap!

In Conclusion


Before starting a project, we advise you to test our products on a small piece of wood, allowing you to familiarize yourself with them.

Even if you now know how to restore furniture with Colorantic, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. It will be our pleasure to assist and guide you.




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