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How to use Chalk-Based Paint on Furniture

Chalk-Based Paint

Why and How to use it?


Everything you need to know about Chalk-Based Paint

Here is a blog that will enlighten you on chalk-based paint, why and how to use it? Chalk-based paint is loved by furniture paint refinishing enthusiasts, artists and DIY fanatique. Colorantic chalk-based furniture paint can be used on many different surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal or melamine. Those eco-friendly products require little to no prep work and can also be sanded and waxed buff for an antique vintage look.

Our Colorantic chalk-based paint is unique with its creamy and unctuous texture. This furniture paint makes it easy to cover any surface. In addition, it dries quickly so it makes your work easier!

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Night Furniture Chalk-Based Paint
Night furniture Chalk-Based Paint

Choice of colours

Several colour choices are at your disposal. We have 32 pre-mix colours, 8 seasonal colours and we also have tinting bases to create the colour of your choice! Your dream colour! The colour choices are endless with our tinting bases and pre-mixed colours. Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by our Youtube videos, blogs and Facebook – Instagram posts.

With Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint, your options are unlimited. You can make all kinds of decoration, craft and DIY projects. Anything is possible with chalk-based paints! It’s the best paint for furniture! You only have to follow the different steps of furniture upgrading.

What is Chalk-Based Paint?

Chalk based paint is a paint formula made using real liquid chalk. Thanks to its coverage, you can often skip prep work like sanding, priming or stripping, depending on the project of course. Chalk-Based furniture paint can be applied to a variety of textures, but be aware that metallic and shiny surfaces require additional steps (oil-based primer).

Chalk Paint is creamier, smoother and less runny than standard traditional paint. You often only need 1 or 2 coats to cover your furniture. With its thick, buttercream-like texture, chalk paint also helps minimize and cover small nicks or dents in your furniture. Plus, it won’t drip or run like other paints, making it the top choice for DIY projects. 

Night Chalk-Based Paint

Why use it?

– Ecological and responsible

First of all, Colorantic chalk type paints, with a chalky matte finish, are in no way toxic. They have no lead content and the added dyes contain only a tiny amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This fully meets Health Canada government standards. In addition, our containers are reusable and our paint is odorless.

– Vintage antique look

With chalk-based paint you can give a vintage look to your restoration projects. The matte effect is very trendy and allows you to create a unique style. We have several types of finish such as Colorantic wax which gives an antique effect. It also helps to add depth and highlight certain details. Have fun and experiment with the colour of your choice to create a stunning room with Colorantic chalk-based paint products!

Cover Page Blog How and Why Chalk-Based Paint

When to use chalk-based paint?

The options are endless for creative and fun projects using chalk-based paint. Generally, it is used as a furniture paint to restyle chairs, tables, desks, walls, chests of drawers, side tables, etc. The vintage matte look can be left as is or you can create an antique effect by sanding. Chalk-based paint is perfect for bringing pieces found at the thrift store, old and retired furniture back to life. Artists also use it on canvas or fabrics, children can also use it for crafts since our chalk-based paints are eco-friendly and free of harmful additives.

Colorantic chalk-based paints are also ideal to modernize outdoor items such as patio furniture made from natural or artificial wicker. You can also personalize with lettering and image transfer gel.

Let your imagination run wild! If you can dream it, you can do it with Colorantic!

Cover page Chalk-Based Paint

Sizes available

We have different formats to offer: 2oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32 oz and Gallon. Our 2oz jars are a handy size to have on hand to personalize even the smallest of projects (must buy 10 at the time).

We suggest that you use our calculator on our website to better inform you about the quantities to use for your future project.

Paint Calculator

 Diane Lavoie Flower pot Tractor Dust

Discover this magnificient transformation!


To transform this vase our colleague, Diane Lavoie, used several of our Colorantic products: Cotton Ball, Night, Moka, Metallic Jewel Paint as well as 3 kinds of our waxes. The concrete texture was created with the use of baking soda.

Have fun mixing things up with the chalk based paint colours you have at home and get unique and original results.

Look at this impressive Before/After Coffee Table!


Our motto at Colorantic has always been RECYCLE, REUSE AND PAINT! Our influencer Jessy Gendron from @atelier87 is a pro in this area. She has wonderfully transformed this small round living room table. She gave it a second life.⁠

Our white chalk-based Cotton Ball colour was applied all over and our brown Sweet Truffle colour helped accentuate the details. A new life for this furniture was optimized as we like it!

Night - Chalk-Based Paint

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