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Restoring and Decorating a Century-old Table
Audrey Dumas

Restoring and Decorating a Century-old Table

Upgrading of a century-old kitchen table with its 12 chairs and pretty Christmas decorations: For most of us, the holiday season is about sharing and getting together wi

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Audrey Dumas 21 Dec, 2021
We like Colorantic products
On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

A table – We fall for Colorantic

A table! We fall for Colorantic! There are many paint choices available to us when it comes time to paint a table! I had known for several years (even before I started my

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Jessy Gendron 14 Oct, 2021
Upcycling a Buffet | Refaire une salle à manger
Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Giving the Dining Room a New Look by Upcycling a Buffet

Upcycling a Buffet I really liked our new dining room, but I thought the dark maple furniture was a bit drab. I was looking for a simple and cost-effective way to brighte

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Diane Lavoie 14 May, 2021
Makeover of a maple kitchen set | ensemble de cuisine
Julie Deslandes

Makeover of a maple kitchen set

Maple Kitchen set My client has a beautiful maple kitchen set of very solid construction made in Canada, which at that time was forest green. Having had to move, she find

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Julie Deslandes 16 Feb, 2021
Upgrading kitchen table set | de style Shabby Chic
Julie Loiselle

Upgrade a kitchen table set Shabby chic style

Upgrading kitchen table set This week, Julie Loiselle, from La Fleur Rustique, shows you how to upgrade a kitchen table set and its four chairs with Colorantic products.

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Julie Loiselle 25 Nov, 2020
Rejuvenate a dining room set | Rajeunissement d’un ensemble de salle à manger
Annick St-Germain - Créations Na-Nick

Rejuvenate a dining room set with Colorantic products

Introduction After my new house was built, my dining room set looked old-fashioned. I decided to give it a second life with products from a Quebec company, Colorantic. In

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Annick St-Germain ( Création Na-Nick ) 29 Oct, 2020
Peinturer un buffet avec Bénédicte
Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

How to paint a buffet hutch with Colorantic paint

Painting a buffet hutch using Colorantic products with Benedicte Girard Painting a buffet hutch is not that difficult and it is getting easier with the help of our Colora

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Benedicte Girard 19 Oct, 2019
How to paint a dining room set | Refaire une salle à manger avec Colorantic
Lisa-Marie Tanguay - Instant de Bonheur

How to paint a dining room set

Paint a dining room set with Colorantic Paint! How did I paint my dining room set with Colorantic products? It's simple, read the details below to find out more! Ar

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Lisa-Marie Tanguay 24 Jul, 2019