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Restoring and Decorating a Century-old Table

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Antique furniture, Christmas, Dinning Room Set, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments

Upgrading of a century-old kitchen table with its 12 chairs and pretty Christmas decorations:

For most of us, the holiday season is about sharing and getting together with family. In my family, every year, my mother is in charge of decorating the outside and the inside of the house with beautiful Christmas decor. As the family has expanded this year, she asked me to find her a century-old kitchen table that could seat twelve guests. She also wanted Christmas decorations to put on the table to incorporate the festive spirit.


Once I found the perfect table, she asked to refurbish it to its former glory. In order to get inspired, I showed her some refurbishments that I found on the site “Trucs et décos en tout genre”

The Steps to Follow:

Clean the table, legs, 12 chairs with the cleaner and varnish remover thoroughly then wipe with a clean cloth.  

This step should not be overlooked because it removes many layers of old varnish and stain.

Remove the 6 expanding leaves (yes yes, six expanding leaves) and the hardware.
Then, I stripped the whole project.

It’s a long step and you really need to be patient but since I’m going to paint on top, this step is very necessary.

Sand with the 80-grain sandpaper, then 120, and finally with the 220. 

Wipe the dust and residue well with a damp cloth.


Restoring it Back to its Former Glory:


And now the fun begins.

I’m always excited for this step, it’s the reward for having done all the hard work in the beginning.

For this project, I started with the top of the table.

I put on two coats of Sweet Truffle.
Once my two coats are dry, I put two coats of Colorantic matte varnish to make sure it’s very durable.

For the edge and the legs of the table, my mother really wanted to keep the vintage character which was perfect because Colorantic has the ideal color of chalk paint for this: Vintage cream. 

I used this color everywhere.

My next favorite step, when I refurbish furniture, is the waxing stage.

This product is so easy to use and that gives incredible results especially when you want to give it an antique look.

I applied the antique brown wax from Colorantic on the backs of the chairs to create an effect similar to the image below.

Finally, I put the natural wax everywhere on the legs of the chairs and the table.


Christmas Decoration:


What I enjoyed the most about this project was working with my mother.
She is a true artist in every way.

My mother created “Créations SAO” specializing in textile art.

She is the one who created this magnificent table runner. 

She and her husband helped me in refinishing this beautiful century-old kitchen table.

This is exactly what the holiday spirit is all about: cooperating and sharing!


Parchemin décorations Noël

Special thanks to my photographer at Roxanne Bélisle Photography for the fabulous photos and the Christmas ornaments that match my décor perfectly. Merry Christmas and a wonderful year to all of you!

Audrey Dumas

Audrey Dumas

Coming from an artistic family and as I did not have this artistic side, I thought for a long time that I had been adopted When I touch a brush or the wood grain of a piece of furniture, my heart races and I forget everything. Creating beautiful pieces allows me to escape and channel healthy and restorative energy.


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