La Mademoisell

A Blackboard Wall with Colorantic

How to turn your wall into a Blackboard with Colorantic   My name is lamademoisell_ and I’m going to explain how to turn your wall into a Blackboard with Colorant

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La Mademoisell 17 Jun, 2022
Colorantic products | Colorantic Produits
Logo de Colorantic peinture vintage

How to use our Chalk based Paint

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Colorantic Experts 4 May, 2021
Prep furniture | Comment bien préparer son meuble
Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

How to prep your Furniture before Chalk Based Painting

Prep furniture Bénédicte, from La belle commode, shows us today how to properly prep your furniture with Colorantic products. The key to the success and durability of y

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Benedicte Girard 24 Oct, 2020