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What Paint to Choose to Paint Wood Furniture?

Which paint should I use to repaint wooden furniture? After reading this blog, you’ll know that Colorantic is the best option for restoring your furniture.

Whether it’s reupholstering an old piece of furniture or giving your home a new look, painting furniture is a great way to spruce up your home! Colorantic chalk-based painting is the best paint for furniture and a great choice for all your DIY projects It has better coverage than ordinary paint and not not only is it easy to use, but its rich pigments and creamy consistency deliver beautiful, professional-looking results every time.

“DIY” is a very popular technique with crafting enthusiasts, and they are increasingly using chalk-based paint to complete their projects. It is an easy to use paint and it dries very quickly. It is the paint of choice for repainting wooden furniture, and can also be used on almost any surface.

Chalk-based paint for furniture

It is often classified as the best paint for furniture made of wood and requires minimal preparation. Made from a liquid chalk base, Colorantic paint is unctuous and creamy, which facilitates application on the surface of any furniture that you wish to restore. Colorantic chalk-based paint is available in a wide variety of colours and several finish choices are available, so you can create unique and original styles.

Colorantic also offers ready-to-tint bases that allow you to create your own personalized color.

Chalk-based paint for furniture

Treat Yourself to Training on Painting Techniques for Furniture

Before starting your projects Take the time to read online courses and magazines so that you can gather the information you need.

Chalk-based paint

Prepare Your Furniture What paint to choose to paint wood furniture?

Colorantic chalk-based paint requires very little preparation. However, sanding rough spots will help create a flawless surface for future coats of Colorantic chalk-based paint. In addition, some surfaces require oil priming, such as metal, melamine, plastic or shiny surfaces (previously painted or varnished with an oil-based product).

Note that we recommend an oil primer for older furniture that is painted in very light shades. The tannin in some woods can stand out and cause your colours to yellow, so it’s best not to take any chances. Which paint to choose to repaint wooden furniture? Colorantic chalk-based paint of course!

Chalk-Based Paint Does Not Always Require a Primer

One of the advantages of using chalk-based paint, is that it does not always require a primer. It can save you time and money on your DIY projects. However, it is important to note that there may be instances where the use of a primer could be beneficial. If you are working with a particularly smooth or shiny surface, a primer might help the paint adhere better and make you project last. Don’t worry if you don’t have a primer on hand because, as mentioned before, chalk-based paint is the best paint for furniture and it can often work beautifully without preparation (bare and natural wood, water-based varnish, previously applied water-based paint) are examples of finishes that do not require the application of a primer.


See image for step references.

Chalk-based paint


Also, be sure to clean your furniture thoroughly, wiping away any dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time, so that piece of furniture is ready for painting.

Take the time to properly prepare your furniture so that the restoration will be as successful as you had imagined! Our olish remover cleanser strips and removes dirt. Using this product during a restoration which will allow a better application afterwards.


What Paint for What Effect?

On our website, you will find a range of beautiful colours for all your projects, whatever the material. Which paint should I use to repaint wooden furniture? Whether your furniture is pine, maple, oak or any other, new or old, you will find the paint you need. You can allow yourself all the creativity, according to your imagination. Here are the trendiest paints for furniture.


Crackle Effect Paint

For a style that changes a piece of furniture from the ordinary to modern, apply medium or crackling gel, which is also our varnish remover cleaner. The result will be similar to the cracks found on earthenware porcelain and will cause a stir, bringing an antique charm to your decoration. bringing an antique charm to your decoration.

Metal Effect Paint

To give new life to an old damaged wooden piece of furniture, opt for metallic paints. You can choose between different styles: aluminum, zinc or copper. For the perfect makeover, you can also vary the styles while using adhesive strips. This painting will go perfectly with an industrial or urban decor.

Matte Paint

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution? Matte chalk-based paint from Colorantic is made for you. Our grey, black, cream and white colours are a good alternative for a simple, quick and timeless new design. In order to obtain an optimal result, you will nevertheless have to apply oil primer if the old paint is glossy or if there is an oil varnish finish.

chalk-based paint

Bleached Effect Paint

This paint can bring your old wooden furniture back to life. It is ideal for all your furniture and decorative pieces. Remember to also renew the handles for a complete metamorphosis. You can keep the transparent effect of the wood by using glaze. We have three pre-mixed glaze colours, Cloud White (whitewashed cottage and/or seaside effect), Kitten Gray (greyish barn wood effect), and Chocolate Cake Brown (old plank effect, brownish wood). Would you like a custom glaze colour? Get our clear glaze, Translucent Window, which will allow you to obtain a personalized stain by mixing half and half with our Colorantic chalk-based paint in the colour of your choice!

Glitter, Gloss or Glitter Effect Paint

For a romantic touch, do not hesitate to add glitter to your paint. It is up to you to choose the amount, but be careful not to overdo it. We have published blogs pertaining the use of glitter:


Lacquer or Antique Paint

You have surely already bought shelves, frames or mirrors. Over time, these materials tend to yellow and lose their luster. Give them a coat of paint to bring them back to life. Dare to change your colours! Spruce up your furniture by applying tinted wax!

Chalk-based paint for furniture

Choose Colour

Once you have prepared your furniture properly, it’s time to select the chalk-based paint colour for your project. The chalk-based paint is available in a range of 32 colours pre-mixed, four ready-to-tint dye-free bases, plus eight seasonal colours. So take your time and find the perfect shade to spruce up your space.

What Paint to Choose to Paint Wood Furniture? Now you know! Colorantic is your first choice!


Colorantic also offers you a very nice range of metallic colors. Bold, chalk-based paint is a versatile medium that offers a wide range of stunning hues. Whether you’re looking to bring an old piece of furniture back to life or add personality to a craft project, the colour options available to you are endless. Whether you prefer bright, bold hues or soft, subtle tones, there’s a colour to suit your style. Discover the Colorantic products and make your choice of smooth, matte or metallic finishes!



It’s also important to consider how much paint you will need for your project, as chalk based-paint can be purchased in small and large quantities.


It’s Finally Time to Start Painting!

Now that you know the best paint for furniture and the important factors to consider, you can turn your furniture into a stylish masterpiece. Choose from multiple colour options and pick the one that matches your creative vision. Whether you are looking for a rustic finish, farmhouse style or a modern vibe, chalk-based paint can suit any style. The key to giving it a professional look is to apply it thinly for a smooth finish. So get ready to let your imagination run wild and give new life to your old furniture or objects using Colorantic chalk-based paint.

Once you have all the necessary materials, it’s finally time to start painting! Use a high quality brush, such as our Colorantic brand to apply the paint evenly. By taking the time to carefully apply the chalk based-paint, you will be assured of impeccable work that meets your expectations. So take a deep breath, grab your brush, and get ready to transform your space with a splash of fresh colour.

Once you have used Colorantic chalk-based paint, your imagination will continue to grow in order to carry out projects that will allow you to personalize your interior.

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