Natacha Creative Workshops Boxes

Natacha Watier – alias Natacha Creative – gives painting workshops for upgrading furniture with Colorantic paint. Great adept of all types of visual arts.
Natacha has many years of experience and she is a famous visual artist. It must be genetic from his own mother, singer Ginette Reno.
Natacha teaches virtual painting workshops called Ateliers Natacha Creative. And you’ll need Colorantic’s Project Box to take its online chalk painting course.

We offer 2 professional workshops that will definitely help you take flight.
Here are some key points of what you will learn in these workshops.

  • Know how to prepare your furniture
  • How to achieve different finishes
  • Use of colored waxes
  • How to use glazes and what they are used for
  • Know how to apply paint the right way
  • Furniture finishing with wax? or varnish and what are the differences?
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