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Workshop box # 2 Natacha Créative – moldings and tray


A complete kit to be able to follow Natacha Créative number 2 faux finishes!

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Workshop box # 2 Natacha Créative

Natacha teaches virtual painting workshops called Ateliers Natacha Creative. And you’ll need Colorantic’s Workshop box to take its online chalk painting course. She offers two professional workshops that will definitely help you take flight.

Here are some key points of what you will learn in these workshops.

  • Know how to prepare your furniture
  • How to achieve different finishes
  • Use of colored waxes
  • How to use glazes and what they are used for
  • Know how to apply paint the right way
  • Furniture finishing with wax? or varnish and what are the differences?

Products included

  • 2 sample moldings
  • 2 oz Transfer Medium
  • choice of tray(set with hearts, square set, octagon set)
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Night
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Kiwi
  • 3 samples of baseboard moldings
  • 2 oz Colorantic Acai Berry
  • 2 oz Colorantic Lavander
  • Brushes(purple #6 or 5 artsist brushes)
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Volcano
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Sweet Truffle
  • 5 sheets of blue paper towels
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Dusty Rose
  • 2 oz Colorantic colour Tractor Dust
  • 1 white cloth
  • 2 oz Colorantic Metallic Copper
  • 2 oz Chocolate Cake Glaze
  • 1 sanding block
  • 2 oz White Cloud Glaze
  • 2 oz Matte Varnish

A complete kit to be able to follow Natacha Créative number 2 faux finishes!

Make sure to add Natacha Creative magazine to your reading section.