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chalkboard paint for walls

How to Turn a Wall Into a Blackboard with Colorantic

My name is lamademoisell_ and I’m going to explain how to turn a wall into a blackboard with Colorantic… Another chalk wall! Really?! These are the exact words my spouse said. Basically, I am a huge fan of chalkboard walls. It’s practical, unique and you can write whatever you like on it to suit your particular mood. I have 3 under my belt: in the children’s playroom, at my bakery and now in my garage.

Here are the steps to turn a wall into a blackboard.

chalkboard paint

What Are the Steps?

First, be sure to thoroughly clean your surface that is to be painted. To do this, use Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover. If necessary, rub a little with Colorantic’s two-grain sanding block.

Then you can determine the measurements of your chalk wall with the green tape.

To start, take a Colorantic angled brush to mark the outline of your chalkboard. Once done, dip your roller in chalkboard paint and roll the velvet foam roller all over your surface. It should be noted that you will need to repeat this step a minimum of three times for best results. Please note that our chalkboard paint is more liquid than standard chalk paint.

Between each coat, allow a drying time of at least four hours.

Very important: Be sure to sand and clean dust with a dry cloth before applying the next coat.

chalkboard paint for walls


After 5 long days of waiting, take a white chalk (on its side) and pass it all over your wall so that your board is all white. Afterwards, clean the surface of your board with a damp cloth.

Finally, wait until everything is dry, about 1 hour.

To Finish

And now, voila! My blackboard is finally ready to be used! The result is fabulous!

Turning a wall into a blackboard is easy to do, but it’s important to follow each step correctly. The results will be great!

chalk-based furniture paint

In Conclusion

5 good reasons to use Colorantic products!

  1. The Colorantic paint range is non-toxic and contains no lead. It contains only a small quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which means that it does not contain any solvent which propagates in gaseous form. Colorantic products therefore fully meet Health Canada requirements. Moreover, Colorantic is considered an ecological product.
  2. The company offers products in recyclable/reusable plastic jars with screw-on lids. Metal pots are a thing of the past.
  3. Colorantic requires little or no preparation depending on the surface to be painted.
  4. This liquid chalk-based paint has a high covering power and dries very quickly. For a quick, well-done project, this is what you need.
  5. You will be able to choose from 32 vintage colours, seasonal colours and you can also create the colour you want with their tint bases.

If you want even more ideas for furniture restoration, you can consult the following group


In addition, on the Colorantic website, you will find a series of tutorial videos (link) and have access to the necessary information before starting your projects.

Colorantic products are entirely made in Canada.

Colorantic™ Chalk-Based Paints offer you the possibility of carrying out your projects with non-toxic products, they have no lead content and the added colourants contain only a tiny amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means that it does not contain any solvent which will propagate in gaseous form in the atmosphere. Plus, our chalk-based paints have high coverage and dry quickly, so you can finish a project in no time. No unpleasant odour and an unmatched texture to cover any surface.

It is so easy and enjoyable to paint with Colorantic! Whether you are an experienced painter or not, you will quickly fall in love with these products.

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