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What to Do with Your Old Furniture

In 1992 we bought a house dating back to 1906, which was in need of complete renovation. We realized a fifteen-year dream of buying an old house in the Laurentians, to be completely renovated.

Leaving our modern Montérégie home to live the dream of a lifetime three hours away was a whole new adventure for us and our children. Our new home needed a lot of love and we prioritized what was urgent, and so life ran its course over the years.

As the veranda had been badly neglected by the previous owners, it was inconceivable to renovate it, so we demolished it in 1995. We immediately built the new one because, even though it is at the back of the house, it’s the main entrance to our home.


A Maple Wood Table

To finish the interior of the new veranda, we salvaged the wood from the barn we had demolished shortly after our arrival in 1992. We didn’t invest in decor, knowing that this room would often have been useful for storing materials when renovating other rooms in the house.

Open to the kitchen, I could constantly see this veranda, which wasn’t decorated to my taste and which I eventually found dark over the years with its barn wood. I was aware that this would be the last room in the house to get a makeover, and I was really looking forward to this day.

Over time, we salvaged a maple wood table given to us by my brother, and we also salvaged a few chairs, always thinking of the day when this veranda would become a functional room.

It was 26 years later that I saw my dream…my big dream come true!!!!


Bring the Enchanting Setting Indoors

Knowing that a large seven-foot bench would run along one of the walls, the round table given by my brother was no longer suitable in my opinion, and I now wanted a large rectangular table. After a great deal of discussion and reflection, we finally decided to keep the round table, which can be extended as required using two panels.

Now that we had decided to keep the table, the chairs we had amassed over the years didn’t really fit in with my new concept. So I started looking for used chairs on Marketplace. A couple of days later, and for a pittance, I had found the ideal chairs for my project.

With our magnificent view of the mountains, I wanted to bring this enchanting setting indoors.

Nature, the name of one of Colorantic’s magnificent new colours, completely seduced me, and this magnificent colour was my inspiration for this metamorphosis.

It all began with the staining of the room and the upgrading of the table and new chairs.


Preparing the Furniture

I sprayed the cleaner and varnish remover on the table and chairs. Using a paper towel, I spread it all over the table and chairs and let it act for 30 minutes.

After rinsing twice, I removed all residue. To scratch the surfaces, I used a sanding block.

Since the old varnish was oil-based, I applied the oil-based Grip-All primer using the microfiber roller and 55 mm and oval #6 brushes. This operation makes the transition from an old oil-based finish to a new water-based finish.

Now it’s time to apply the colour.



I applied the colour, Cotton Ball, to the table top using the microfiber roller and used the #6 oval brush for the legs.

In order to apply the Nature colour, I used the oval #6 brush and the 55mm brush.

I repeated these operations a second time.



Since the furniture will be used for dining, I chose varnish to protect the paint.

I used the foam roller and Snow White brush for this application.


In conclusion

The whiteness of the room, to which I’ve added some beautiful bright hues, already makes it a very pleasant place to relax.

This is just the beginning of the metamorphosis, and seeing the current result, we are excited to continue our project.

For more inspiration, join the Trucs et Décos en tout genre group !


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