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Table de nuit a peu de frais - Cotton Ball Chalk Paint

Claudia, an interior designer, loves to give furniture a second life. She and her husband inherited the furniture from his grandmother. Among these pieces of furniture was a magnificent little bedside table that needed a refresh to match their current décor. It was perfect for a one-day weekend project.

To add a contemporary touch while retaining the vintage feel of this little piece of furniture, Claudia chose the beautiful pure white Boule de Coton, which will complement any room in the house.

Claudia had the great idea of adding wallpaper, as it adds a charmingly unique touch to this very pretty little bedside table.

Inexpensive nightstand painting - Cotton Ball Chalk Paint


Remove the drawer and handle.

Spray varnish cleaner and make-up remover on all surfaces, spread with a paper towel and leave for 30 minutes. Once the pause time has elapsed, rinse twice thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove all residues.

Lightly sand the surfaces using the sanding block and dust well. This allows the paint to adhere very well.

Using a roller, apply a coat of oil-based primer to all surfaces.

Once the preparation is done, the fun begins!


The paint

Using a #6 oval brush, paint all areas not accessible with a roller.

Then use the foam roller to paint the entire cabinet. The foam roller gives an even finish on large surfaces.

Repeat until you’re satisfied with the result. Since Colorantic paint is very opaque, two coats should be sufficient.


For her project, Claudia chose to apply varnish.

She let the paint dry for about 5 hours before applying Colorantic’s matte varnish.

Two coats of varnish were required for a highly polished appearance.

For best results, we recommend waiting about 1 hour between coats of varnish.

Wallpaper insertion

Claudia chose a self-adhesive wallpaper.

Measure the areas to be covered and cut the right dimensions on the wallpaper.

Peel off just one section of wallpaper, taking care to position it straight, and then peel off the entire film.

Claudia gave her little piece of furniture a beautiful new look with the addition of Colorantic’s original “HIBOU” handle.

Here’s a bedside table that’s become a versatile piece of furniture to decorate any choice space in the home.

Pleasantly satisfied with this transformation, Claudia is sure to come up with other ingenious ideas for bringing grandma’s furniture back to life!

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Claudia Vigneault

Blogger / Interior designer


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