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Reuse Old Cabinets | How to paint cabinets


Priemièrement the transformation of our veranda continues cheerfully, and today we will paint cabinets!!!! And you can follow the evolution of my veranda through various blogs on the Colorantic website!

To create additional storage space, we salvaged two cupboards previously used as linen closets.

Because Zen, that gorgeous Colorantic color, inspired me to give them a second life.

And it’s a perfect match for the new Nature color of the chairs.

Because Zen and Nature, two words that conjure up the idea of relaxation, could not be more appropriate for this room.

front cabinet
cabinet with patina

Cabinet cleaning and makeover

  • First remove the doors.
  • Spray the nail polish cleaner and remover on all surfaces, spread with a paper towel and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Then rinse well twice to remove all residues.
  • Then make MDF mouldings (¼” thick x 2½” wide).
  • Then apply a coat of primer using the roller.
  • Then sand lightly using the sanding block and dust well.
  • Then fasten the mouldings to the sides of the cabinets to form boxes, using a pneumatic nailer and needle nails.


And now it’s time to apply the color.


The paint

  • Using the roller and #6 oval brush, apply the color, Zen, to all surfaces.
  • Repeat if necessary.


  • Once the paint is completely dry, it’s time to apply the varnish, using the foam roller and small Snow White brush.
  • Once dry, apply a second coat for extra protection.

This soothing hue, together with the addition of moldings and handles, makes these previously bland cabinets look good.

More and more excited by the changes, we’re ready to go ahead with our project.


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