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The Bench

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved looking through the decor magazines we had at home. My mother was also passionate about home decor, so we had a large collection of magazines and books on the subject. I can even tell you that I still have a few of those magazines.

Styles and needs have changed over the years when it comes to decor, but one element that has lasted for many years is benches.

Previously, they were only popular in restaurants, and it was always a pleasure for me to sit there when my parents took me. I can’t tell you what it was about them that attracted me so much, but it was already obvious in my childhood mind that one day I would have a bench seat in my house.


A Bench in the Kitchen

We are in our third home, and only this one offered us the opportunity to have a bench in the kitchen or the dining room, since these rooms had to be completely redone. When we made the plan for the renovation work, I had to face the facts, despite my disappointment, that it was impossible to integrate a bench seat into one of these rooms.

Four years passed between the renovation of the kitchen/dining room and the veranda. I was really happy and couldn’t wait for the work to begin. Before undertaking major renovation work, we always think about how to best maximize the space and add storage.

In this sunroom we had a new seven foot wide window with 21 inches of clearance from the floor to the bottom of it…need I tell you what I was thinking?

The time had come to make a beautiful large bench that would also serve as storage. Using MDF, my husband set to work to make this magnificent bench.

Wanting the colour to harmonize with all the decorative elements, I  opted for this beautiful pure white from Colorantic, Cotton Ball.


The Entrance Bench

Once the bench project was complete, it was time to personalize the entryway.

Over twenty years ago, a friend gave us a long maple board, three inches thick.

Finding no place of choice before, we kept it while waiting to find the perfect use.

For the creation of our new entrance bench, we finally used this magnificent board.

To maintain originality, we opted for a single leg and this is painted with the colour, Night.

The bench is very sturdy, because at the other end it is held in place by metal rods fixed in the wall.

Decorative Shelves

The shelves and brackets were made from a joist recovered during the demolition of our very old barn.

I also used the colour Cotton Ball.

Meilleure peinture pour meubles

Step 1: Preparing the Furniture

Apply a coat of primer to all surfaces using the microfiber roller and the #6 oval synthetic brush.

Lightly sand using the sanding block, light grain side and dust well.

It is now time to apply color.

Step 2 – Painting

Using the microfiber roller and the #6 oval synthetic brush, apply the colour, Cotton Ball, to all surfaces.

For the second coat, a few drops at a time, add water to the paint to make it more fluid.

Apply two coats of the colour, Night, to the leg of the entryway bench using a foam roller.


Step 3 – Protection

When the paint is completely dry, it is time to apply the varnish using the foam roller and the small snow white brush.

For better protection, apply a second coat of varnish.

On the shelves and brackets, apply a single coat of varnish.



The colourful cushions brighten up this neutral-toned bench nicely.

With a view of majestic mountains and while allowing the scent of nature to penetrate, it is the perfect place to admire this grandiose landscape.

When we open the front door, it is now delightful to find this beautiful, bright space.

What pleasure I now have in decorating this veranda, according to the season and/or theme.


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