Paint Brushes and Accessories



Paintbrushes and Accessories work with all brands of paints or wax. You can use them on a variety of wood and furniture surfaces

Choice of Brushes

Colorantic offers several choices of brushes and accessories to use on your furniture. Our brushes are oval, round or flat angled. They are unique and perfect for upgrades to your old furniture.

We also have a set of trays with handles. With two velvet finish foam rollers and the refill of two packs of velvet finish foam rollers. These give a smooth finish perfect for painting your furniture! View our images to understand what we use them for. SEE THE TABLE OF AVAILABLE PRODUCTS

They can be painted with Colorantic chalk and waxes. We have the best in Canada! Made from high quality materials, these brushes are easy to use. These are very soft and very good professional brushes. No. 10 is large, oval and is intended for chalk-based paint.

Our 55mm is large, oval and used for chalk paint. The 35mm is medium, oval and also used for chalk paint. the 16mm is short, round and used for waxes. The 50mm is a poly-nylon angle. The versatile Brownie is small, angled and made of nylon for multiple use. The 3” foam brush is made of gray sponge and is used for glazes and varnishes. The Small Artist Brush is a small artist brush for small, precision projects. The XL round brush is intended for fabric painting (with glaze) and also for chalk paint. Our #6 x2 is medium sized, oval and for chalk-based paint.

You can also check our other website for products from our other division.


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