Water-Based Alkyde Primer


Water-based primer. Not suitable for very glossy surfaces as you will need an oil primer.

This primer does not have a strong odor, which makes the job pleasant. Using our velvet finish foam roller makes it easier to apply the primer.

After using this primer, you will be ready to apply any of our chalk paint colors.

Can be used to coat oil, melamine or plastic.

Water-Based Alkyde Primer

Create unique furniture with high-quality water-based primer for Colorantic chalk-based paints or any water-based paints! Whether you are touching up old furniture, painting a dresser, an Art & Craft project, or bringing your kitchen cabinets back to life with a new fresh look, you need a high-quality primer for your chalk-based paints projects. Make sure to use an oil-based primer if you have an oil-based varnish, melamine or plastic underneath.  Rule number 1.  If it’s not those types of surfaces, you can use our water-based primer Grip All. Apply two coats of water-based paints. Try Colorantic paintbrushes for maximum results. To clean the brushes we recommend our mango paintbrush soap. We have 3 different primer sizes: 16 oz, Quart (32 oz) and 1 Gallon (128 oz).




  • ALL PURPOSE PAINT PROJECTS – This water-based primer Grip All works smoothly on a variety of wood and furniture surfaces, painted or not.
  • PREMIUM CANADIAN-MADE WATER-BASED PRIMER FOR MATTE PAINT – Made of the best base products, our Colorantic recipe is such a high-end one. Perfect & compatible with any chalk-based paints or regular water-based paints. It can also be applied to any type of water-based paint, milk paint, or latex paint, and our paints are used for Stencils, Artists, Crafters, Furniture Restorers, Interior Decorators and more.
  • 3 DIFFERENT SIZES – We have 3 different sizes: 16, Quart (32 oz), and 1 Gallon (128 oz). the 16 oz is a plastic container with a screwable lid.
  • PREP IS ALWAYS BEST – All Canadian chemists approved: it’s best to prep your surface if it’s shinny, glossy or if you are unsure. Use a TSP or the Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover. Let it acts for 30 min, then rinse with a damp cloth. You can use our small two-grains sanding blocks to remove the excess of the old-varnish. Then you are ready to apply our Colorantic’s Grip all water-based primer. Then apply two coats of Colorantic chalk-based paint or any brand paints. Let it dry for two to three hours. Then apply our matte varnish or matte smooth tinted or clear natural wax. Let it cure one to two to seven days before using the furniture again.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – We have the perfect Colorantic mango wax and paint brush soap. Your furniture is bests with a wax or a varnish to increase longevity. We have different wax colours available on Colorantic’s page to create the perfect ombre or antique look. Wax can be applied over the varnish but never underneath.

Find your local Colorantic Retailers to purchase our chalk-based paint.

If you don’t have a local retailer, we invite you to our ETSY online store to purchase your Colorantic products.


16 oz, 1 quart (32 oz), 1 gallon


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