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Kitchen set Colorantic Chalk paint

This week, Julie Loiselle, from La Fleur Rustique, shows you how to upgrade dining room furniture with Colorantic products. A magnificent “Shabby Chic” style project that will make your dining room the focal point of your home! 

Here’s what Julie has to tell us: It was on Marketplace that I found this set of a maple table and chairs. For a long time, I had dreamed of giving the “Shabby Chic” style to our dining room and when I saw this set, I immediately knew that this furniture had the perfect style to complete my project. 

So I rushed to get all the necessary materials I needed to carry out my project. For a long time, I knew that my next dining room furniture would be white and natural wood. 

By reading the following, you will discover all the steps I took to obtain this result. 

Kitchen set Colorantic Chalk Paint (1)
Kitchen set Colorantic Chalk Paint (2)

Steps for Chairs

  1. Spray the Cleaner and Varnish Remover on all surfaces and leave to act for 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, rinse well twice using a cloth with hot water, in order to remove all residue. 
  2. Apply oil-based primer to the chairs.
  3. Once the primer is completely dry, it’s time to paint 
  4. Apply one coat of Cotton Ball paint and wait about 30 minutes before applying the second coat. 
  5. Since the chairs will need to be cleaned frequently, it is best to use varnish as protection. 

Steps for the Table

  1. Strip the entire table to bring it back to natural wood. 
  2. Once the stripping is complete, lightly sand the entire table, as this step will allow the White Cloud Glaze to adhere very well to the surfaces. 
  3. Once sanding is complete, be sure to dust very well using a vacuum cleaner or air compressor. 
  4. To give a “Whitewash” effect that matches perfectly with the chairs, I chose the White Cloud glaze. 
  5. I applied a single coat of White Cloud glaze since I wanted the natural wood to show through the glaze. 
    1. NOTE: The more layers of glaze we apply, it becomes more and more opaque. 
  6. Once the glaze was dry, I applied three coats of matte varnish to the entire table for added protection. 
  7. I waited 12 hours between each coat of varnish
Kitchen set Colorantic Chalk Paint (3)

I am really very proud of the result obtained, it is exactly what I had in mind before starting this project. The dining room has taken on a whole new appearance due to this upgrade. 

By adding decorative objects, our dining room is now the focal point of the house. 


Julie Loiselle




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