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Rejuvenating an old mirror | Rajeunir un miroir ancien


A friend of mine had launched a search among her acquaintances to find an old mirror as she wanted to decorate a specific place in her magnificent century-old home in the Sillery district of Quebec.

Helping him ardently in his research, a few weeks later I knew that I had discovered, on Marketplace, the rare pearl that would wonderfully decorate this pretty corner of her home.

When I showed her the mirror, she was very delighted with my find and invited me to join her in purchasing it.

The next day, I was already looking for products I needed to give a second life to this find.

By reading the following, you will find all the information necessary to carry out such a project.

ancient mirror
ancient mirror

Antique Mirror Restoration

Given that the mirror is several years old, unpleasant surprises and discoloration would be expected. I didn’t hesitate for a second to spray it liberally with Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover which I left to act for 30 minutes. Using hot water and a cloth, I rinsed three times to remove all the residue.

Then, once thoroughly cleaned and dried, I had to repair several imperfections using wood filler. I took care to fill the cavities and holes that time had left. When it was well hardened, it was easy to sand using the sanding block.


Preparing the Surface to be Painted

I was careful to remove the dust before applying the oil primer. This step is necessary to make the transition between the old oil varnish and the new chalk-based paint which is water-based.

Mirror Rejuvenation

In order to match it perfectly to the bathroom where the mirror will be placed, I mixed one part of Cotton Ball to one part, Toasted Marshmallow (half-and-half mixture).

So using the #6 oval brush, I applied two coats to well cover this beautiful piece. Given that part of its charm is in the details of the edge, it was obvious that I would bring out its beauty and to do so, I chose to do a light sanding. This light sanding on the flowers and the outline of the mirror was enough to restore its rustic charm.

ancient mirror

Finshing Touches

For the finish of this project, I opted for wax, and due to it, this beautiful mirror will have retained all its charm with its matte look.

Here are some tips for applying wax. Using the 16mm wax brush, apply the wax in small sections. Once you have applied it, be sure to buff the wax well using shop towels. Continue this for the entire mirror, changing paper towels for each section.



Here is an old mirror which was given a second lease on life with a touch of romanticism and elegance which will look great in the bathroom of this magnificent ancestral home on Chemin St-Louis.

My clients were charmed and are convinced that revamping old furniture remains a very sensible option when we value the history and quality of our good old wooden furniture.

Lisa-Marie Pouliot


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