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DIY with Colorantic Products – Anais Favron

Transforming a Cable Spool into a Coffee Table

You’ll need a bit of luck to come across an old wooden electrical cable spool. Typically, cable spools are reclaimed by companies for recycling or they are returned for deposit.

In any case, if you happen to spot one on the side of the road, at a clearance sale, or in an antique shop, don’t miss the chance to turn it into a unique coffee table. You could leave it in its natural state or paint it as suggested by our collaborator, Anaïs Favron.

By reading the following, you’ll discover how Anaïs managed to revitalize these dull cable spools.

Last June, Anaïs received a box containing our Colorantic products. Naturally, we were curious to see what project Anaïs would undertake with our beautiful colours: Kiwi, Emerald, and our brown glaze, Chocolate Cake.

This week, Anaïs unveiled the result of her DIY project. In fact, she transformed two industrial cable spools into two side tables for her outdoor terrace! Isn’t it a wonderful idea?

Furthermore, Anaïs described the steps of this transformation, which we are sharing with you.


Sand the coils and dust them thoroughly. Use the green adhesive tape to delineate the paint colours and glaze. However, if you only have one colour, disregard this step.


Now is the time to apply the paint in the colour of your choice. Regarding Colorantic paint, I remind you that it dries in just 30 minutes.


Now it’s time to try the glaze. I didn’t know about this product. It’s insane, see for yourselves!


Finally, for optimal protection, the next day I applied two coats of matte varnish. I waited 1 hour between the two coats. 

Then, get two beautiful tables, but wait until the next day to varnish them and then show the final result! A

And there you have it! I’m pretty happy with the result and I’m crazy about the colours of my two tables! Kiwi, Emerald, and Chocolate Cake from Colorantic. I chose to leave the natural wood on the base of the big coil and added wheels underneath.

Receipt of the package on June 5, 2020

Project steps on June 7, 2020

Final result on June 8, 2020

We thank Anaïs immensely for agreeing to collaborate with Colorantic!


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