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Table de nuit a peu de frais - Cotton Ball Chalk Paint (1)

Do you love herbs, but don’t have the space to put your pots? La Fée du Bois has created a perfect DIY that will meet your needs.

All herbs can be grown in pots, which is perfect for those who only have a balcony or windowsill. Some are even happy with partial shade, a significant advantage!

By reading the following, La Fée du bois will guide you through the steps so that you can accomplish such a project. Very easy to create, your herb holder will be a success.

table d'appoint


  1. First, clean the pallet with the Cleaner and Polish Remover. Spray and leave to react for a few minutes. Once the wait time is over, be sure to rinse thoroughly twice with a damp cloth.
  2. Sand lightly to optimize adhesion of the paint or glaze. Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust.


The Beginning of the Transformation

  1. Apply a coat of Chocolate Cake glaze on all surfaces. Once dry, you can apply a second coat for a more opaque finish.
  2. Use the colour Cotton Ball to give an old-fashioned effect to your outdoor herbal support.
  3. Now that the paint is completely dry, it’s time to attach the anchors behind the wooden pallet.


A Little Touch that Makes a Difference

Colorantic offers a nice variety of stencils to add a unique touch to your creations. For my project, it was the beautiful pure white Cotton Ball that I chose to add to add the desired effect.



For optimal protection, I chose Colorantic matte varnish. Two coats were necessary for optimal protection.



Now is the time to install your beautiful decorative hooks as well as the metal pots that you will have previously painted with a colour of your choice from Colorantic.

Finally, place your herbs in the metal pots. It’s not only pretty, but also useful!

And there you go! By following these steps, you have built an outdoor support for your herbs.

Now that it’s finished, all you have left is to choose the perfect place. It is best to choose a place where your herbs will be sheltered from bad weather and the sun. Because there is nothing better than good fresh herbs!

Creating an herb garden is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with these herbs that are too little used in our Quebec kitchens. In addition, their distinctive aromas encourage the development of smell, a sense that we tend to underestimate. Close your eyes, touch your plants and open your nostrils, soothing guaranteed!

No matter how much space you have or what colour your thumb is, you will always find an herb to grow that can enhance your meals.

In short, it’s a wonderful project to undertake! I am convinced that it will be a hit with your neighbourhood and your visitors!

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