Making an Outdoor Hanging Herb Stand

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Do you like to gardening, but lack space? La Fée du Bois has created the perfect DIY for your potted herbs that hardly takes any space at all. Simple to make, your outdoor hanging herb stand is sure to make a splash.

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Clean the palette with the Cleaner and Varnish Remover. Spray it on, let it work for a few minutes, and rinse with a damp cloth. Lightly sand the pallet to insure the proper adhesion of the Paint and the Glaze. Wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove the dust.



The Transformation


Apply the Glaze to the pallet. Just reminder, Colorantic paint dries in 30 minutes. Then, install your anchors to the back of the wooden pallet.


Use the Cotton Ball paint and the Colorantic stencils to give your herb stand an old-fashioned look.



Protection and Finishing Touch


For optimal protection, apply two coats of the Matt Varnish. The next step is to install your metal pot holders and add metal pots to your stand. Remember that you can paint your metal pots with the Colorantic paint colour of your choice. Finally, add your herbs to the metal pots.

And voilà! In no time at all, you’ve built an outdoor hanging stand for your herbs!


You can hang your herb stand anywhere you want, but preferably in a place where your herbs will be sheltered from bad weather and the sun.


This a wonderful project anyone can make this summer! We are convinced that your visitors will be impressed.

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The mission of the wood fairy is to revalue furniture or objects left behind. - Unappreciated furniture ... - Objects which clutter up landfills ... - Normally polluting objects ... The goal is to do our part in our own way for the planet and to bring a little more cheerfulness and sweet madness in this world.


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