How to paint a small coffee table with Metallic paint

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Do you have a small coffee table or small piece of furniture that you want to make unique with a layer or accent of metallic colour? Try the Colorantic metallic chalk paint line, it’s stunning and super easy to handle. In this video, you will learn how to paint a small piece of furniture correctly accented with some Colorantic Metallic Jewel paint. They have five different colours of metallic chalk based paint,


  • Metallic Jewel

  • Champagne Metallic

  • Blue Sky Metallic

  • Metallic Copper  

  • Sparkling Metallic 



  1. First, assemble the small coffee table or desired piece of furniture and make sure it is solid.
  2. For this project, it was new wood, so no prepping is required in this case. If the furniture has been varnished before, clean the furniture using Colorantic Cleaner Varnish Remover. If not, you can use a TSP type cleaner
  3. Dampen your brush before using it. This will help when cleaning your brush after use by preventing the paint from drying up within the bristles.
  4. Apply one to two coats of your choice of Colorantic metallic paint, allowing for the drying time between coats if necessary (around 30 minutes)
  5. When you are finished applying the paint, remove the protective tape.
  6. Let dry, and the job is done!


Now you know how to paint some accent metallic colour on your small piece of furniture at home, simple and beginner friendly, only with Colorantic products. In addition, it’s a Canadian product made in Quebec, it’s always fun to support local products, especially during these times! 😉


Click the video below for our instructional video


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