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Living room coffee table restoration

Upgrading a coffee table

This week, Lucie, blogger at Colorantic, shows us how to upgrade a coffee table. Thus, you will be able to follow, step by step, how to recreate your living room table in your decor.
Just before, here are some words from Lucie: “I bought a coffee table that was a little dull. It had a nice size. Above all, it was ready to be revamped up to date! It was a great project to do with Colorantic’s chalk paint!”

The preparation to upgrade our living room table


  1. First, I prepare my surface in all corners and all surfaces. I use Colorantic Nail Polish Cleanser and Remover.
  2. Second, I left it on for 5 minutes and then wiped it off with a clean, damp cloth. I didn’t need to sand the surfaces, as everything was smooth and clean.
  3. So, we are ready for painting!

And we paint with Colorantic!


4. Next, I add the first coat of paint using a Colorantic medium oval brush. For the table, I used the Caribbean Sea colour.

5. After an hour of drying, I, therefore, applied a second coat for more uniformity. The dark colour (black) seemed harder to hide. Thus, only two thin sofas were enough to complete my project.

6. So, for the finish, I used Colorantic’s white flake wax applied with a round wax brush. I like to “stretch” the wax with the brush for a subtle but noticeable effect. Thus we have a smooth and impeccable finish.

7. Finally, the table is now ready to add some colour to your living room!

Simple decor!

In short, it is a simple upgrade to make at home. Just use the right products and take the time for each step. Because you can also use these steps for another piece of furniture, such as a bookcase, side table or living room cabinet! So let your imagination run wild so that your project looks like you!


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