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Painting a wooden tray with Colorantic paint


Earlier in September, Audrey-Ann Blais, an Instagrammer and YouTuber, shared her refurbishment of a wooden serving tray using Colorantic products.

This allows us to create a beautiful accessory that fits perfectly with any decor. In addition to being beautiful, it is a highly practical decorative item. You can use it equally well to decorate a room or simply as a serving tray, whether indoors or outdoors during the beautiful summer season.

Audrey-Ann shares, in a short video, the process of creating her serving tray. You can also create your own by following the simple and easy-to-follow steps. Moreover, this accessory is perfect as a first refurbishment project with Colorantic products. It will allow you to become familiar with our range of products.

By reading the following, you will discover all the steps taken for her project.

Painting Steps

  1. We begin by adding Cappuccino chalk paint into the red serving tray. Colorantic’s yellow velvet foam rollers are so easy to use and leave no marks. Apply the first coat of paint, Cappuccino, and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  2. Once the time has elapsed, you can apply the second coat of paint.
  3. Don’t forget to paint everywhere: the handles, the bottom, the sides, and the back of the tray for an even and clean look.



  1. Once you have finished applying the second coat of paint and it is completely dry, you are ready to paint the patterns using the Natacha Créative stencil. You can find this item, along with several other washable decorative stencils, on the Colorantic website.
  2. I am adding here the chalk paint colour for furniture and decorative items, Ballerina. I am using the small foam stencils sold in packs of four units. They are perfect for your creative stencil applications from the Natacha Créative series.
  3. To accentuate the details of the beautiful pattern, I used Colorantic’s fine artist brushes (sold in packs of three units) and the metallic paint, Champagne, which is a blend of gold and silver. This stunning colour even makes us want to enjoy a fine glass of champagne.


The Finish

  1. To effectively protect my serving tray from potential liquid damage, I applied a first coat of Colorantic matte varnish.
  2. I let it dry for a little over 30 minutes before applying a second coat. It’s important to varnish all the corners well to ensure a thorough protection.

I am very pleased with my masterpiece and I was delighted to give it to my mother.

She uses it for various occasions, whether it’s for breakfast in bed or to beautifully decorate her living room, and not to mention, to serve us delicious beverages on the terrace during the summer season!

Audrey-Ann Blais

Instagram & YouTube


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