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How to paint a school desk with Colorantic chalk paint

Are you nostalgic about those days when we returned from school, our backpacks full of books and our heads full of dreams?

To relive those memorable moments, I propose today to immerse yourself by giving a makeover to an old school desk.

Painted with Colorantic chalk paint, you will be charmed by this playful and colorful school desk that is so simple to create.

Now, grab your brushes! Let’s relive these joyful moments together.

List of products used

The Steps

First, like in any painting project, it is essential to prepare the surfaces of our furniture properly.

  • Thoroughly clean using Colorantic Nail Polish Remover and Cleaner. Spray, let it sit for 30 minutes, and clean well, twice, using a warm damp cloth.
  • In this case, since the old varnish used on this piece of furniture was water-based, I was able to do a light sanding to roughen the surface to allow the paint to adhere better.

Thanks to the exceptional adhesion of Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint, I proceeded directly to the painting step!


  • Apply a first coat of the Apple Orchard colour on the top of the desk and the Clothesline colour for the legs.
  • Since Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint dries very quickly, barely 30 minutes later, I was able to apply a second coat.
  • As for the interior of the desk, it was painted with the Night colour to create a blackboard. Yes indeed, it is entirely possible to create a functional blackboard with Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint! You will see more details about this technique a little further down in this article.

The Glazes

Once the paint was thoroughly dry, I continued my quest for the perfect little desk with the White Cloud and Chocolate Cake glazes.

Using a soft, clean cloth, I achieved an aged effect on the legs and edges of the furniture, following the wood grain. This technique added a few years to this desk, which seemed too shiny for my taste.

The Patterns

After letting the paint dry for about thirty minutes, I decided to add a bit of whimsy to the furniture by creating a polka dot pattern on the lid and sides. For this pattern, I used the Boule de Coton color applied with a simple cork. Again, I recommend applying two coats of this paint for a more vibrant finish.


The Finish

After a few hours of drying time, we’ve reached our final step: the application of the varnish.

  • For this project, varnish seemed like the perfect finishing product since many little hands will be scribbling on this lovely little desk.
  • For maximum durability, three coats of varnish were necessary.


The White Chalk

I can already hear you asking: what could the white chalk listed among the used products possibly be for?

It’s used to activate the chalkboard inside the desk! How to do it? It’s quite simple. 

  • Just lightly rub the chalk in broad strokes across the entire surface of the board, and then gently wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.
  • This chalk dust will blend into the existing chalk in the Colorantic paint, allowing you to write on your new board without any issues!

And there you have it! Your children are now ready for back-to-school, or at least ready to remind you of all the beautiful memories and experiences you had during your youth!

I sincerely hope this project has brought a smile to your face and sparked some dreams, as it’s often the case when I use Colorantic chalk paint for my projects!




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