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How to antique furniture with chalk-based paint

First of all, before telling you how to transform bedside tables with chalk-based paint, I would like to make you aware of recycling. I find that moat of the time, the majority of furniture found on the roadside, has already undergone a transformation that leaves something to be desired. There is also a lot of love to give to these pieces and I know that it is possible to recycle almost anything. I imagine that the person who left this furniture had assumed that there was nothing more to do, that with this old wooden box which seemed to be at the end of its life, if I can put it that way, there was simply no solution. Trash for some can very well be treasure for others.

I myself wondered what is the lifetime of a piece of furniture? After restoring these two bedside tables, I came to the conclusion that there are so many possibilities to bring a piece of furniture back to life. Definitely worth saving those old chipped desks.

Here are the steps to follow to antique bedside tables with chalk-based paint. The results will amaze you! I wanted to give them a worn appearance and an original look by mixing colours of Colorantic chalk paint. For the outside of the bedside tables, the colours are Ballerina, Kiwi and Zen. For the inside of the drawers I opted for a dark colour called Night.


For this restoration, which was daunting given the amount of damage left by time, I had to nail several nails and add glue in a few places. Then I had to rebuild the water damaged base and repaint the whole piece. With all their flaws, it was impossible to restore this kind of old furniture to a perfectly smooth appearance. So, I opted for an aged and worn look.

The steps to follow

First, I started with a good sanding and then I applied the paint of my choice. The colours that made my heart skip a beat were the following three colors: either Zen, Ballerina and Kiwi.

I have no secret for the application of the 3 colours, I went with my instinct and my feelings. I used a brush for each colour and one color at a time where my instinct guided me.

You can watch the video of this transformation on Colorantic’s Youtube.

To finish

Subsequently, I sanded a good shot to age the furniture further. Sanding the paint on a piece of furniture is a good technique to give it the aged look that we love so much. Given the condition of the inside of the drawers, I filled the holes and painted the inside black to freshen them up.

I am very satisfied with the result since this little brush of paint has rejuvenated the condition of the drawers.

In conclusion

In closing, I really enjoyed painting these two bedside tables. They have a unique look that reminds me of small craft shops. I just had the opportunity to visit one during a holiday in small picturesque villages.

Do you like this original look?

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