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Comment peindre un vaisselier avec de la peinture à la craie?

How to Paint a Hutch with Colorantic Products

Painting a hutch is not so difficult, as Colorantic products make the task much easier and enjoyable. In just a few hours, this hutch from another era has completely transformed into a beautiful and entirely unique piece of furniture!

By reading the following, you will be informed about how Bénédicte proceeded with this transformation.

The Steps


To begin, as in any refurbishment project, it is essential to properly prepare the furniture.

  • I thoroughly cleaned the furniture with the Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover. I sprayed it, let it sit for 30 minutes, and rinsed it well using a damp cloth soaked in hot water.
  • I lightly sanded to scratch all surfaces, allowing the paint to adhere properly.
  • I made sure to dust thoroughly before continuing.

Since the hutch was well-prepared, I could proceed directly to the painting step.


  • Subsequently, I used the colours Cotton Ball, Mist, Caribbean sea, Mermaid, Summer storm and Ocean. In short, almost all shades of blue from Colorantic were used for this project.
  • I applied two coats of the colours randomly without applying too much (sweeping effect: wiping the brushes on absorbent paper before application).
  • Using a soft and clean cloth, I created an aged effect on the furniture following the wood grain. This technique aimed to add a few years to this hutch, which seemed too even for my taste.
  • I sprayed water using a spray bottle, which allowed me to create a layering effect without too many visible brushstrokes.
  • Once the paint was completely dry, I added some touches of the metallic paints mentioned above. These three metallic colours helped add depth while creating a sense of richness to this beautiful hutch.
  • For the handles, I used Metallic Champagne.

Wax Finishing

After a few hours of drying, I reached the final step, which is applying the waxes.

  • I applied the Natural Clear Beeswax to the entire hutch. Waxing one section at a time and ensuring thorough polishing before moving on. Change the cloth frequently as it will become saturated with wax, making polishing impossible. For this project, I used 8 oz of Natural Beeswax.
  • Once the application of the wax was completed, I immediately applied the Antique Brown Wax.
  • I applied the Antique Brown wax in small touches to accentuate the corners of the doors, for example. This way, I achieved a more natural effect. You will then understand that I did not apply the brown wax to the entire piece of furniture.

The hutch is now ready and will be used to display products, while also serving as a backdrop for the videos made at the Colorantic warehouse.

Bénédicte Girard

Blogger and Artist

La Belle Commode par Bénédicte Girard


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