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Create a whimsical night stand

Whimsical Bedside Table

I already have a pink ombré dresser in my bedroom, so I’ll be using the same shades of pink to refinish this bedside table. My inspiration for this project comes from the YouTube channel Tracey’s Fancy. Her designs are always whimsical and outrageous.

Here are the steps to transform your bedside table.


It’s always best to clean your piece, to ensure the grease, grime and dirt are removed. Then, you can take a good look at your piece to see if any minor repairs need to be done. In this case, I took the bottom off to make it easier to remove that decorative trim that I didn’t like.

    Steps to Follow

    With the bottom off, I sanded the entire piece, inside and out. Since this is pine, I used a stain blocking primer over the entire piece. I then put 2 coats of Peony on the inside of the bedside table. Once this had dried, and the topcoat was done, I put the bottom back on.


    I’m using Dusty Rose and Ballerina for my blending colours. The first coat is for coverage and the second coat is my final blending colour. I used the Dusty Rose on the edges and Ballerina in the centre. Once this has dried, I marked out a checkerboard pattern. I used a 1:1 ratio of Ballerina and Tractor Dust in the middle, fading the colour out towards the edges. I didn’t do the whole side leaving some areas blank. Once this is dry, I removed the tape and replaced it to cover my painted squares. Again, I used a 1:1 ratio of Ballerina and Tractor Dust in the middle and faded out towards the edges. I repeated this on the other side.

    In Conclusion

    The process of painting furniture can take you on an unexpected creative journey. Just enjoy it! If you do run into any issues or have questions, call Colorantic. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. If your vision isn’t coming to life, just start over. It’s just paint!

    For more ideas on how to antique furniture, feel free to join the following group:


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