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table de chevet

Whimsical Bedside Table

I have a chest of drawers in a pink shade in my bedroom, so I will be using the same pink shades I already have for the nightstand that I am going to restore. It’s a bedside table that I picked up to give it a second chance, a second life. I’m going to transform it into a whimsical bedside table. My inspiration comes from the YouTube channel Tracey’s Fancy. All of her creations are original, fantastic and wonderful.

Here are the steps to create a whimsical looking bedside table:


First, it’s always best to clean your furniture to make sure grease, grime, dust, and all the dirt is gone. After cleaning it, look at your piece and try to imagine what you want as a result. What small repairs should be made? In this case, I removed the back. It made removing the decorative trim (wallpaper) that I hated so much easier. In this manner, it is easier to work with the piece.

    The Steps to Follow

    While the back was removed, I took the opportunity to sand the entire piece, inside and out. Since it is pine wood, I used a primer all over the piece to cover the surface well before applying the chalk-based paint. Using a primer hides the wood and allows better adhesion. I then put two layers of Peony inside the bedside table. Once everything was completely dry, I applied a topcoat with the matte varnish to protect the inside of the bedside table well. At the very end, I put everything back together. And that’s it, the fun begins…


    To Finish

    I used the Dusty Rose and Ballerina chalk-based paint colours for my mix. The first coat is the base coat, a base that completely covers the furniture and the second coat is my final blend. I used the Dusty Rose shade on the sides and the Ballerina colour in the middle. Once it was dry, I created and implemented a checkerboard pattern. On one side I used a 1:1 ratio of Ballerina and Tractor Dust. I extended the colours towards the middle, fading the colors towards the sides of the furniture. I didn’t do the whole side, I tried to leave it uncluttered with blank parts. Once it was all dry, I moved the tape around and put it back so it covered the squares that have already been painted and are now dry. Again, I used a 1:1 ratio of Ballerina and Tractor Dust. I do a fade technique by extending the paint towards the sides. I repeated the same process on the other side of the furniture. Yes, you have to be patient to create a checkerboard pattern, but the results are worth it.

    table de chevet

    In Conclusion

    I loved doing this project This whimsical little bedside table is now a prominent piece in my bedroom. The look is sweet and unique. It’s up to you if you want, like me, to add transfer images. Colorantic has extremely effective image transfer gel.

    Taking a used piece and turning it into something unexpected is such a very relaxing and interesting project to do! Go tap into your creative soul and have fun with Colorantic chalk-based paint.

    The best part is the satisfaction you get when you transform an old item and give it a well-deserved second life. Refinishing furniture and giving it a completely different use is very rewarding.

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    table de chevet

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