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Colorantic’s Top Coat


My retailers and I are proud to launch our Colorantic clear matte varnish! Our topcoat is formulated by Canadian chemists and produced right here in Canada. Colorantic’s matte varnish is ultra-matte with only 5% sheen. It does not contain petroleum, so it will not yellow your whites! Isn’t that wonderful? Colorantic’s matte varnish is superior protection for your upholstered furniture. You will love it!

Having tried many different brands, I can assure you that it is very difficult to find a truly ultra-transparent varnish! Colorantic’s matte varnish is water-based, so it dries very quickly. It does not contain lead and has absolutely no unpleasant odour. This matte varnish is perfectly compatible with all chalk-based paints or ordinary water-based paints. It can also be applied over any type of milk paint or latex paint.



Our matte varnish only requires two coats to achieve the desired lasting effect. We recommend using a foam brush for the application of any varnish. We also recommend not stirring the pot vigorously. You just have to use a wooden stick and mix the varnish gently with back and forth movements or by swirling the mixture. This will prevent the formation of small bubbles which could interfere with the application of the varnish. Above all, do not scrape the bottom of the pot to avoid mixing residues that may be at the bottom. Primarily used for top surfaces or on furniture that needs more protection, this product is awesome! The whole Colorantic team really likes it for its matte protective effect and its quick drying.


Pro Tip:

Always test your product on a hidden section of your furniture, on a moulding or on a piece of wood in order to see the result before starting your project. Do not use the varnish remaining at the bottom of the pot, throw it away or reuse the pot when you have reached the deposits of varnish which are found at the bottom.

Why Varnish Your Furniture?

Varnish is an excellent finish for painted wooden furniture! It forms a light protective film which seals the paint and protects it from damage. For furniture that is heavily used and exposed to grease and humidity, such as a dining table, for example, it is important to apply varnish. This is THE right thing to do. This will extend the life of your furniture and allow you to clean your furniture daily. It also prevents dust from sticking to the piece.

Whether it is a wooden sideboard, a table or even chairs, varnishing the wood of these elements helps to protect the material and the paint, when they are painted with Colorantic chalk-based paint. This is also an excellent solution for revamping a piece of furniture by modernizing it with a new varnish or with a new chalk-based paint. For antique furniture, varnishing is an essential step in restoration. Newer furniture can be varnished after painting.

Can the Varnish be Used Outdoors?

Yes ! You can paint with Colorantic chalk-based paints and then apply 2 coats of varnish. Your project will be ready for the outdoors! For the exterior, we recommend varnish rather than wax.

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