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Repaint an Entranceway Table

My mom has a dark, old entranceway table, which sits against a yellow wall. She gave it to me to lighten it. Particularly, my only limitation for this project is that my mom is quite conservative in her design choices. She likes to be fashionable, but not too fashionable. It is therefore necessary to know how to balance the old and the new. This is how to create a vintage but modern look at the same time. I had a lot of fun with this little upgrade project. Giving a second life to this small hallway table was an interesting project.

Here are the steps for painting an entryway table.


It’s always wise to clean your piece to ensure grease, grime, and other dirt are removed. You may need to repeat the cleaning step twice with cleaner and varnish. Along with the cleaning, when everything is dull, then you can take a careful look at your furniture. What small repairs should be made? In this case, I just had to fill in some wear holes on the top.

The Steps to Follow

I sanded the piece completely. Since it is not solid wood and I don’t mind burrs, I won’t prime it. So, in this case, I painted directly on the furniture with Colorantic chalk-based paint. It should be noted that to avoid applying several coats of paint and save time, it is better to apply an oil primer. Always use oil if you don’t know what other products have been used on your furniture before.

The Cotton Ball colour is going to be used all over the table. I applied extremely thin coats and had to do five coats, because it is a table that was initially very dark. I used my spray bottle to move the paint. It helps with that nice smooth finish.

In addition, I lightly sanded it between coats. This helped the paint to adhere. Do not forget to wait until it is completely dry before sanding. It is also necessary to remove the sanding dust each time with a slightly damp cloth.

Lastly, I made harlequin designs on the back and both sides using the Ballerina colour. I added a thin line around the edge with a beautiful shade called Lavender.



To Finish

The drawers were given a new look using the colour Lavender. I also used this pale mauve shade on the inside and I also painted the design on the sides. Now for the image transfer gel…. I found a wonderful transfer to use. I used it on the front, top and a little on the sides.

I applied two coats of matte varnish from Colorantic. I applied it all over the table and a third layer for the top. This will protect the furniture in the long term if glass or objects are placed on it. The last thing to do is some decor. And now, voila! A beautiful entranceway table completely upgraded and in style.


In Conclusion

The creative process of painting furniture can take you on an unexpected journey. Even muted colors can add simplistic sophistication to furniture.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, just call Colorantic. They are very knowledgeable and can help or  guide you.

In case your vision doesn’t come to life, you can always start over, it’s just paint.

To inspire you and get more ideas for upgrading furniture, you can consult our Facebook group or follow our publications on various social networks.


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