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How to Make a Floor Candle Holder

I was actively looking to decorate my living room with floor candle holders, but I was quite shocked when I realized how expensive they were at retail prices. So I decided to make floor candle holders myself. It’s surprising how easy it was to do this. With only table and chair legs I was able to create beautiful decorative floor candle holders. This creates effects of grandeur in a room and gives off a soft and beautiful light when the candles are lit. An easy project to do yourself.

Here are the steps for making your own floor candle holders.

List of Products Used

Peinture à base de craie


If you are using, like me, new table legs from a hardware store, once you have removed the top screw and other parts (if necessary) you can move on to the next step. If you are using table legs that you have salvaged from old tables or chairs, be sure to clean them with a varnish remover or TSP and sand them well. First of all, it is very important to always clean and sand before applying chalk paint. Second, since we don’t need them you need to remove the nuts or screws that were meant to attach the legs to the furniture.

    The Steps to Follow

    Using glue, I held a plant saucer to each end of the floor candle holder. I made sure to center the foot under the saucer. For this project I used 6 inch terra cotta saucers for the base of the larger candlesticks. Fasten them securely.

    Once the glue hardened, I moved on to painting. If the table legs are made of pine or another type of wood that absorbs a lot, you will need to apply a water-based or oil-based primer. Otherwise, you can paint the whole floor candle holder with the colour of your choice. Choose your favorite Colorantic chalk paint colour and have fun! Sand lightly, add a second coat and sand lightly again. Once completely dry, you can sand a few spots to give them an antique look.


    To Finish

    In closing, let’s get to the final touches and details. You can add a finishing coat such as varnish, glaze or clear wax over the entire floor candle holder. To give it an antique look, just use wax. To accentuate the details, use a darker wax which will add an effect of depth.

    In Conclusion

    Buying floor candle holders from some retailers can be really expensive. So why not make your own! You can further personalize them and adapt them to your decor.

    1. Clean the legs of tables or chairs, if they are worn/old
    2. Remove the nuts or screws
    3. Glue the saucer
    4. Apply a coat of primer if necessary
    5. Paint 2 coats with light sanding in between
    6.  Protect with top coat (varnish) or clear wax
    7. Add dark wax for depth.

    If you would like to have more furniture reupholstery ideas, you can check out the following group:



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