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Breakfast tray | un cabaret en bois avec notre peinture à la craie


Earlier in September, Audrey-Ann Blais, Instagrammer and Youtuber, shared with us her upgrade of a breakfast tray using Colorantic products. We can create a beautiful accessory that fits perfectly into any decor! In addition to being pretty, it is practical for any decor, to put down glasses or simply to carry items outside on hot summer days!

First of all, let us show you the products that Audrey-Ann needed to make her creation.

This project is in collaboration with the chalk-based paint and accessories company Colorantic, located in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Today, my project will be to upgrade a wooden breakfast tray with Colorantic products. To allow me to make this tray, I used the following: a set of 4 small foam pouncer sponges, stencils, velvet finish foam roller, wood tray, the color Cappuccino, champagne metallic to accentuate the flower patterns, the Ballerina color, as well as the matte topcoat by Colorantic.

Without further ado, we start!

The Process

  • We start by adding the Cappuccino light brown chalk based paint to the paint tray with the roller. Colorantic Yellow Velvet Foam Rollers are so easy to use and leave no marks. Roll two coats of this cappuccino colour then let dry for about 30mins-1 hours (depending on the season and whether inside or outside).
  • Don’t forget to paint everywhere: the handles, the back, the sides and the back of the tray for a uniform and clean look.


  • After applying the two coats, you are ready to paint the detail with your stencil from the Natacha Creative series. On the Colorantic website, you will find this article as well as several other washable decorative stencils.
  • I add here Ballerina colour. I use the small foam pouncer sponges sold in packs of four units. They are perfect for your creative stencil uses from Natacha Créative
  • To accentuate the details of the beautiful stencil, I used Colorantic fine artist brushes (sold in a pack of 3 units) and the metallic color Champagne which is a mixture of gold and silver. Magnificent color, it even gives the taste of drinking Champagne!

So, Audrey-Ann shares with you, in a short video, her achievement of upgrading a breakfast tray!  You too can create your own by following the simple and easy steps! This accessory is perfect as a first furniture upgrading project. Thus, it will allow you to familiarize yourself with Colorantic products.

To learn more about this project, we invite you to watch its video below!  Audrey-Ann also explains all the stages of her wooden breakfast tray project.

We wish you a good viewing, but above all a happy upgrading!


*Please note that Audrey-Ann Blais received Colorantic products free of charge.

To conclude my project, I applied a coat of Colorantic matt varnish sold in several formats. The cabaret offered to my mom can be used for her breakfasts, or simply to decorate her living room!

Thanks for watching my video and go check out the Colorantic site to get all the material I used for my cabaret project. My promo code for your future purchases entitles you to a 10% discount: audreyann

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