Upgrade a kitchen table set Shabby chic style

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This week, Julie Loiselle, from La Fleur Rustique, shows you how to upgrade a kitchen table and its four chairs with Colorantic products. A magnificent Shabby Chic style project that will make your dining room the centerpiece of your home! Here are a few words from Madame Loiselle before starting the transformation of this magnificent kitchen table. “I found this maple table and chairs for sale on the Facebook Marketplace classifieds. I gave it a new Shabby Chic look.” 

Steps for the chairs

  • Wash the chairs so you don’t leave any dust or residue of any kind. 
  • Apply primer to all four chairs. 
  • Paint the chairs with Colorantic Cotton Ball chalk-based paint. 
  • Varnish the chairs with Colorantic Top coat matte varnish. 

Steps for the table

  • Strip the entire kitchen table to remove the varnish already in place. 
  • Sand the entire kitchen table so that the White Cloud Glaze adheres better to the surface. 
  • Apply Cloud White Glaze on the table, including the legs for a whitewash effect. 
  • Varnish the top of the kitchen table with several coats (3 coats). Note that you must wait until the varnish is dry before applying an additional layer for maximum results. 


So, in summary, I painted the chairs white and gave the table a whitewash effect, which makes for a nice kitchen table and its four Shabby Chic style chairs. 


Julie Loiselle


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Julie Loiselle

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