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Relooking a child’s chest of drawers


The bedroom is above all your child’s little world. To define the layout and theme to be adopted, take into account her age and personality. What kind of bedroom would you like to create for your child to feel at home in? A place to relax, a playroom, a space to dream?

To help you make your choice, and depending on your child’s age, you can involve him or her and ask what he or she would like, guiding and suggesting what suits you, your tastes and your budget.

Most of the time, salvaging furniture means saving money. There’s something for every budget, whether on the Internet or at a flea market. You’ll find furniture that’s as new as it is old, and even vintage. The choice of furniture depends above all on the atmosphere you want to create in your child’s bedroom.

A good friend gave me some furniture that belonged to his daughter. Right away, I had a soft spot for a simple but very, very, very colorful chest of drawers. I immediately thought of making a chest of drawers for my youngest child’s bedroom. The current dresser was much too high for my little man and his 25th percentile, so he couldn’t reach the top drawer.

In this article, I’ll explain how I went about giving a children’s chest of drawers a makeover!


Probably the least interesting stage of the project, but undoubtedly the most important for long-term, sustainable work.

  1. Spray Colorantic Nail Polish Cleaner and Remover over the entire surface and leave for 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, use a boiler of hot water and, using a cloth, rinse well twice to remove all residues. Application of chalk-based paint.

We recommend applying Colorantic oil primer before painting. This increases the durability of the work.

The paint

I had originally intended to paint the drawers another color, but the blue, Orage d’été, is so rich and perfect that I decided to paint the entire dresser with it. I knew that with the silver handles, the finish would be chic and elegant.

Three coats of paint were needed to achieve a perfect finish. Of course, I took the trouble to sand lightly between each coat to ensure a clean finish.

Final stage of the makeover

To finish, I carefully applied two coats of matt varnish, sanding very lightly between coats.

This is a very simple project for an apprentice makeover artist like me. With a little patience, perseverance and attention to detail, you can achieve a complete makeover of a child’s chest of drawers! My boy loves his new dresser.

Soon to follow will be a work desk for his bedroom and an accent wall with the famous Orage d’été, because as he says so well: this color is cool!

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Children's drawer chest - Orage d'été


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